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15 amazing things you can do with simple JavaScript

I love JavaScript because it’s full of surprises and is used for so many amazing things. Many developers love it, and many still hate it for obvious reasons.But no one can deny that JavaScript is damn awesome.

Creating a Custom AI for Stock Market Analysis

The Assistants feature in OpenAI simplifies the process of building your own custom AI agent. Your AI assistant will have access to the latest GPT models, a code interpreter, and any additional instructions or knowledge you provide.

The Crucial Role of Coding Skills for Modern Designers

With design tools further commoditising and sanitising expected creative output, the time for designers to be able to stand out is very much here. I think for some, learning to code is a good route for that.

Testing Browser Support for Modern JavaScript Features

This is just a no-frills post with code snippets showing how to test support for some newish features in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is in no way comprehensive and doesn’t get into what these features do, which is better covered in other posts.

CSS Auto Transition: A Game Changer for Developers

The news: transitioning to auto is now a thing! Well, it’s going to be a thing. Chrome Canary recently shipped support for it and that’s the only place you’ll find it for now. And even then, we just don’t know if the Chrome Canary implementation will find its way to the syntax when the feature becomes official.

Risograph Printing with WebGL

Learn how to create a custom tool for printing Riso posters using Three.js.

10 rules for building developer tools that feel like magic

What makes or breaks a developer product is what happens after the “aha moment,” or the pivotal moment when a new user realizes the value of your product

Small Blog Features That Make a Big Difference

In this article, are described three kinds of features in programming languages: fundamental features, deeply engrained features, and nice-to-have convenience features. Hillel’s premise was that language designers tend to focus on the first two; however, because the convenience features are relatively low-overhead, it’s easier for them to jump between projects, and they provide a quality-of-life increase.

Best Practices for Clean and Efficient CSS

CSS can be hard and frustrating for beginners. The nature of the language is so different from traditional programming languages. While it’s easy to learn the parts: selectors, properties, etc. It’s much tougher to practically compose multiple ideas together to make something new or more complex happen.

Inline Conditionals: A New Era for CSS?

A couple days ago, I posted about the recent CSS WG resolution to add an if() function to CSS. Great as it may be, this is still a long way off, two years if everything goes super smoothly, more if not. So what can you do when you need conditionals right now?

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