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Static Site Generators: What’s Trending Right Now

hile not yet mainstream, static site generators are gaining traction due to their improved speed, heightened security, and possibilities for scalability.

2023 Web Framework Performance Report

The purpose of this report is to look at real-world data to better understand the relationship between framework choice, performance, and actual user experience on the web.

10 Best AI Tools for Web Developers

Consider popular use-case scenarios where AI tools can make a web developer’s workflow more productive and enjoyable.

How Are Computer Programming Languages Created?

There are many programming languages in use today (over 700), each with its own syntax and structure.

New in Chrome 111

Creating smooth transitions on the web is a complex task. The View Transitions API is here to make the creation of polished transitions simpler by snapshotting views and allowing the DOM to change without any overlap between states.

NoCodeNinja: Ultimate No-Code Tools

No-Code Ninja: 780+ no-code tools for startups. Marketing, design, finance and more. Easy-to-use interface and organized categories. Try free version with 110+ tools or upgrade to pro for 380+.

Collective #754

This week, our pick for the inspirational website of the week goes to ContraBureau. It has an exceptional design with a killer introduction and sharp typography that truly sets it apart.

No-code AI: The Key to Unlocking Efficiency and Growth

In this article, we’ll explore several use cases for individuals and businesses to take advantage of a new trend in AI: no-code tools. 

The Most Popular Build Tools for Front-end Developers in 2023

In this article, we will explore some of the most popular build tools for front-end developers and discuss their key features and benefits.

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