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AI will mean more programmers, not fewer

AI will not replace programming. Instead AI, combined with the power of visual programming platforms, will help more people than ever become programmers

About Ideas Now

Find people to talk to or collaborate with by searching across the /about, /ideas and /now pages of 6484 personal websites.

The soul of your work

Breathing life into what you make

The Rebalancing of Design Management

The balance is off. And the problem is that if managers aren’t actively driving business outcomes using all their knowledge and expertise, and if designers aren’t creating work that not only solves user problems, but meaningfully differentiates your product from a competitor’s,

Midjourney Accuses Stable Diffusion Creator Of, Erm, Copying Its Art

As cited by AI enthusiast Nick St Pierre, Stability AI employees supposedly infiltrated Midjourney’s database and stole pairings of image and text prompts—crucial training data for AI image generators—last Saturday. Stability AI has been blamed for causing a 24-hour outage for Midjourney as a result of this action.

How IBM is using Adobe Firefly to reshape design

IBM Chief Design Officer Billy Seabrook talked about the company’s use of Adobe’s generative AI tool Firefly and how it boosted productivity for design staffers.

90% of designers are unhirable?

Or why your cookie-cutter portfolio doesn’t cut it and how to fix it

DevBuddies – Where developers work together on their side projects

DevBuddies is a place focussed on developers looking for other developers or people in the fields of design, marketing, entrepreneurship and coaching/mentoring.

A day in the life of a UX Designer

My name is Gonçalo, and this article will take you through a day in the life of a UX Designer at Pixelmatters.

Is coding dead, Nvidia CEO has concerns

In a thought-provoking departure from conventional wisdom, Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang recently sparked a debate at the World Government Summit in Dubai, challenging the entrenched belief in the necessity of coding skills for the younger generation.

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