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Tech Trends vs. User Expectations in Digital Banking

What would an iPhone look like if one of the banks designed it? The modern banking executive faces a pervasive challenge: how to innovate effectively in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. They are increasingly drawn to the allure of cutting-edge technologies─from AI and blockchain integration to cloud-based infrastructure and open banking APIs. However, when creating digital financial products and services, this tech-driven focus might overlook the essential component of the…

Stacking Up Qualcomm’s Latest Chips Against Apple, Intel, and AMD

After 12 years of trying to make Windows on Arm happen, Microsoft has made Windows on Arm happen. That’s a long time to keep throwing money at a version of Windows that, historically, has lacked compatible software, reliable emulation, and capable enough performance for even light workloads. But it seems like Microsoft’s 12-year odyssey is starting to pay off now that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite and X Plus chips are turning…

Creating a Custom AI for Stock Market Analysis

The Assistants feature in OpenAI simplifies the process of building your own custom AI agent. Your AI assistant will have access to the latest GPT models, a code interpreter, and any additional instructions or knowledge you provide.

Why are AI search engines so bad? Will they get better?

Humans are still better than robots at finding correct answers online. Good.

Top AI News June 2024

In this monthly roundup, we highlight the top AI news stories from June

What Defines Open Source Success?

There’s no doubt that in tech, success is assumed based on the loudest voices or the spiciest headlines. But that doesn’t mean that those people and projects are actually the most successful. What truly defines the best open source projects, and why should we care? Although the recentState of JavaScript Awards isn’t specifically for open source, it can still provide more context into this question.

2024 AI Statistics: What You Need to Know

AI is indeed transforming industries, revolutionizing the way we work, communicate, and solve problems. Keeping up with the latest trends in AI is crucial for understanding its impact and future potential. This article sums up key and sometimes not obvious, up-to-date AI statistics that everyone should know in 2024.

How Granular Recovery Technology Enhances Data Restoration

Are you seeking insights into how precise data recovery can impact business efficiency and continuity? In data management and restoration, the ability to recover data elements specifically is crucial. Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) stands out in this area, providing detailed and rapid data recovery capabilities.

Enhancing Financial Services with On-Device AI: Security and User Experience

Integrating AI into banking services will obviously revolutionize the user experience in financial services, offering real-time advice and 24/7 transaction monitoring. However, this shift not only enhances user experience but also addresses critical data privacy concerns. Unlike traditional cloud-based AI, on-device AI, as introduced by Apple, processes data locally, ensuring greater security and reducing latency. For financial institutions, the adoption of on-device AI presents a promising solution to deliver secure,…

The Power of Community Learning in Tech Projects

Single individuals make less of a difference to the success or failure of a technology project than you might think (and that’s a good thing).

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