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How to Spot AI Generated Images

Our colleague and photographer Aleksandr Seledchik, a frequent user of Midjourney, has developed an almost impeccable skill for distinguishing between AI and human-crafted images. Here, we unveil some less obvious details which deserve your attention:

Apple Considered Buying Bing From Microsoft

Exploratory talks between big-wigs at Apple and Microsoft in 2020 reportedly included discussions of Apple taking on the beleaguered search engine.

Tiny API – Enabling developers to monetize their code Visit

We help developers turn their APIs into thriving businesses. We manage Billing, Subscribers, Distribution and Support so you can focus on building the best APIs. Built by developers for developers.

Case Study: Synthesized 2.0. Web Design for Synthetic Data Platform

Case study unveiling the creative process on new website design and custom graphics for Synthesized, the platform for creating and managing high-quality synthetic data.

ChromeOS 117 update brings Material You design and a new window organizer

The company is bringing customizable Material You design to Chromebooks. After selecting a wallpaper and a color palette, these settings will be reflected in areas such as quick settings, desktop, and window head bars. ChromeOS 117 also has a redesigned quick settings menu with bigger buttons and slider bars — akin to the slide-down settings menu on Android 13 on Pixel phones.

Meta: Introducing New AI Experiences Across Our Family of Apps and Devices

We’re introducing Meta AI in beta, an advanced conversational assistant that’s available on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, and is coming to Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and Quest 3. Meta AI can give you real-time information and generate photorealistic images from your text prompts in seconds to share with friends. (Available in the US only)

Celebrating 25 years of Google Search: developer trends and history

This month, Google Search turns 25. A lot has changed over the last quarter of a century when it comes to the development space, but one thing has remained a constant – whether you’re stuck on a problem, reading documentation, learning about new technology, or figuring out the best tech stack for your project, Search has been a helpful tool in getting your questions answered.

Adobe launches Photoshop’s web version with Firefly-powered AI tools

Adobe officially launched Photoshop for the web on Wednesday for all users with paid plans. The web version, which was in beta for almost two years, is now available with Firefly-powered AI tools such as generative fill and generative expand.

Alpaca AI tool and Photoshop plugin takes your creativity to the next level

Alpaca, an AI plugin for Photoshop, is currently in beta and has been designed to enhance the creative potential of artists by putting the power of AI at their fingertips. This personalized AI toolkit is built to help artists explore further, iterate faster, and amplify their creative potential right where they work. The Alpaca AI tool seamlessly integrates technology with human creativity, empowering users to bring their imaginative visions to…

macOS Sonoma is now available

The annual Mac update adds desktop widgets, new screensavers and a Game Mode.

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