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DX is the new UX

The massive shift from developer-extended to developer-led platforms

One size does not fit all

The tools you choose for your stack is key for any project. One-size-fits-all solutions may appeal, but they are usually more trouble than they are worth.

AI will mean more programmers, not fewer

AI will not replace programming. Instead AI, combined with the power of visual programming platforms, will help more people than ever become programmers


A minimalist, beautiful Radial Background Generator

How Long Does it Take to Design a Website: A Full Guide

The process includes defining goals, research, planning, design, development, testing, and launch, each stage requiring time and attention to detail

Navigating the DesignOps wilderness

How to define a compelling Design Operations roadmap and build the trust you’ll need to execute on it.

Navbar Gallery

Find the best navigation designs from leading websites to fuel your inspiration.

The End Of My Gatsby Journey

“Gatsby headaches” are over. Juan Diego Rodríguez reflects on his decision to stop using Gatsby as his go-to framework. Through a detailed examination of its strengths and weaknesses, he provides valuable insights and alternative options for developers navigating their tooling choices.

On-Scroll 3D Stack Motion Effect

An experimental 3D card stack animation on scroll.

DevBuddies – Where developers work together on their side projects

DevBuddies is a place focussed on developers looking for other developers or people in the fields of design, marketing, entrepreneurship and coaching/mentoring.

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