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WordPress: Help Influence the Future of WordPress by Taking the 2023 Annual Survey Today

Each year, the WordPress community (users, site builders, extenders, and contributors) provides valuable feedback through an annual survey. The results can influence the direction of the WordPress project by identifying areas that need attention. Annual surveying can also help track trends over time, with data points often finding their way into the yearly State of the Word address.

Case Study: Synthesized 2.0. Web Design for Synthetic Data Platform

Case study unveiling the creative process on new website design and custom graphics for Synthesized, the platform for creating and managing high-quality synthetic data.

How to make the case for design systems

Building support for design systems by framing their benefits for reluctant designers, engineers, and PMs

Five Takeaways from my Microsoft Design Internship

From September to December 2022, I had an opportunity to do an internship at Microsoft as a Visual User Experience Designer with the Nuance Customer Engagement R&D team. In this article, I would like to share key takeaways that I have learned from being a part of a fantastic team.

Mobile-First Design Guide 2023

“Mobile-first” is not one of the countless mobile app design trends that pop up and fade away every year. For professional web and app designers, it is a fundamental design practice similar to mobile app design best practices like using clear and concise navigation. Why? Because this approach prioritizes the needs of mobile users.

Collective #783

This week’s standout is 14islands’ newest design, a true testament to creativity. With delightful water-themed interactions, mesmerizing WebGL distortion, and striking typography effects, it’s a visual treat. The page transitions are seamless, and an exciting easter egg interaction awaits in the footer.

The Next Generation of Web Layouts

Who will design the next generation of readable, writerly web layouts? Who will design them? Layouts for sites that are mostly writing. Designed by people who love writing. Where text can be engaging even if it isn’t offset by art or photography. Where text is the point. With well considered flexible typesetting, modular scaling, and readable measures across a full…

UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #36

Get inspired by selected motion designs and UI interaction works of amazing designers on Dribbble.

Substack’s redesign makes it feel like a more traditional social media app

Substack’s app feels pretty familiar, but maybe that’s a good thing.

AI Website in 30 seconds

AI website & landing pages in 30 seconds— 1 free website for 100 years. -No drag & drop. Click to shuffle High-converting layouts. -FREE hosting, SEO, unlimited stock pics & videos. -Email collection form. A/B testing & simple analytics. -Multilingual pages.

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