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How To Choose The Best Image Formats For The Web?

By understanding these formats and their appropriate use cases, pros, and cons, you can ensure that your website’s images look great and load quickly, resulting in a better user experience. Check out this comprehensive guide on image formats for the web!

Google Drive web version gets an updated design

Google Drive has an updated homepage that shows all pending access requests, recent comments, and file approvals to help users quickly review recent activity and take action in one place.

Behind the scenes of creating a new Web Accessibility Annotation Kit

The CVS Health® Inclusive Design team has released a new Web Accessibility Annotation Kit on the Figma Community. We want to share how we built these tools and the insights we learned along the way.

Webbie UI – 32 customizable React & Tailwind components

32 free UI components for React and Tailwind. Easily customize all components at once with design system controls, and optionally tweak the code to make it right. Accessible, variants, dark mode, no lock-in.

Blast from the past: 2Advanced Studios v3 Flash website in 2001

Eric Jordan, Tony Novak and John Carrol founded a digital creative agency called 2Advanced Studios. The agency was renowned for its innovative, high-end design using Flash technology. In the field of web design, the 2Advanced Studio received many prestigious awards.

Care beyond code: 7 best design practices for frontend developers

As a frontend engineer, it’s actually pretty easy not to think about the design of the project you’re working on–but this attitude can lead to bad UX, visual bugs, and even feature delivery delays. Read and learn how to mind the design, become a better specialist, and bring value to your project beyond just writing code.

3 Essential Design Trends, December 2023

While we love the holidays, too much of a seasonal theme can get overwhelming. Thankfully, these design trends strike a nice balance.

Minimalist Web Design: Emphasizing Clean, Simple Layouts and Essential Elements in Modern Websites

Minimalist web design emphasizes simplicity, utility, and user-centricity. It incorporates simplicity, essential focus, negative space utilization, and intuitive navigation. This approach offers improved user experiences, optimized performance, and enhanced mobile responsiveness, all while maintaining brand identity through carefully chosen typography and color palettes.

Firefox now lets you send signals to websites not to share data

This new version allows users to easily activate a setting that signals websites not to share or sell their personal data, aligning with Global Privacy Control standards and offering a more secure and private browsing experience.

British regulator warns websites to change cookie policy

The ICO’s firm stance on user privacy and advertising cookies sends a clear message to UK websites, demanding easier opt-out options and stressing the importance of ethical advertising practices.

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