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Best Photoshop Overlays

With Photoshop overlays, you can add cool effects to your photos with just a few clicks. Whether it’s to add snow, a romantic bokeh, smoke effects, or a classic vintage look, there are many different types of overlays you can experiment with.

Discover 127 Figma Website Designs

Today Figma is a top designers’ choice with more than 4 million users and among those are big tech companies like Microsoft, X (Twitter), Dropbox, Rakuten, Stripe, Slack, GitHub, and many more.

Designing Interactive Elements That Keep Users Engaged

We’re looking at how and why to design interactions that compel people to play with them again and again. Plus we’re messing around with the Fidget Spinner, 2017’s breakout fidget hit.

Essential Terms for Visual Design Explained

Visual design requires knowledge and understanding of many jargon terms. Use this glossary as a reference as you delve into visual and user interface design.

Building a Winning Design Team

Simply having a design team doesn’t guarantee success. You must create the right conditions for your team if you want them to produce their best work. This is where having a solid team structure becomes essential.

Essential UX Practices for Your Next Project

Excited to start your new UX projects? Congrats!! Let me tell you some of the best practices that really worked for me in my UX career. This article is intended to help UX professionals who are contributing to the project.

The Untold Story of Emojis

During my research into vintage Japanese drawing software, I came across some devices that had built-in sketch or handwritten memo functions. I bought a couple of them to see if they did anything cool or interesting.

Photoshop and AI: Combining Creativity with Technology

The tasks that took hours and days to complete can now be done in just a few seconds with some text prompts, allowing even complete beginners to create unique art and graphics without having to watch Photoshop tutorials or take expensive courses.

Boosting Usability with Minimalist UX Design

User experience (UX) design is important for making websites and apps successful. With so much focus on being the best and adding new features, it’s easy to forget how powerful simplicity can be. Minimalist design not only makes things easier to use, especially in complicated settings like big businesses, but it also helps protect the environment.

Google Unveils AI-Driven Search Engine Redesign

From ‘AI Overviews’ to automatic categorization, Google is bringing AI to practically every part of the search process.

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