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Grey is the new black: a study on progress bars

Turning bar charts into progress bars

Spotify targets active user engagement with a new TikTok-like interface

The new Spotify user interface is here. But is it a transformative or incremental change to the Spotify experience?

Collective #757

Decimal is a sharp website with a brutalist intro and visually stunning hover effects in their Works section, making it our inspirational website of the week.

Users Aren’t Lazy, They Are Efficient

In reality, users are not lazy — they are efficient. In this post, we’ll explore why this is the case and why it matters in UX design.

Top 3 Design System Structures

Many teams envision creating a design system as a difficult, time-consuming project. It forces team members to audit their user interface, create a repository of design system elements and design guidelines and combine it in a way it’s usable for the entire organization

5 Signs Your Product Strategy Is Broken—and How Designers Can Help Fix It

A good product strategy aligns team efforts, cuts costs, and encourages long-lasting conflict resolution. Three Toptal product design experts discuss how product strategies get derailed and what designers can do to help get things back on track.

Now is not the time to cut corners on customer experience

As an economic downturn looms, companies are cutting back on CX design teams. That’s exactly the wrong move.

What Designers Can Do to Ensure a Smooth Design Handoff

If you are close or are finishing up your design after a series of iterations, then you are probably anticipating the next step—the design handoff. There are many ways to unsuccessfully pass along your designs to the development team.

Designing with Empathy: How Inclusivity Enhances User Experience (4 steps)

Inclusive design is the practice of “intentionally including the needs of users who likely experience exclusion in many aspects of their daily lives due to being part of an oppressed group or a statistical minority.”  

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