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How to Organize Your Figma Design Files Like a Pro

In this video, I will cover my Figma file structure and pages organisation. I will walk you through my design process for a branding and app design project, from research through concept to final design and asset export. You will learn how following this design process and organisation method will streamline your design and reduce clutter in your design work.

Optimizing Feedback in Design Prototypes

Without fail, in spring of every year, the discussion around low fidelity vs high fidelity design makes a comeback. Both sides make very good points: low fidelity allows the designers to make more quick, rough sketches and test them more rapidly, therefore it’s higher up the value chain, meanwhile high fidelity is easier to test because it looks like a real interface so when you prototype you can suspend disbelief…

Is Content Design Still Relevant?

This isn’t just a minor hiccup; it’s a full-blown crisis. It all becomes too real as everyone scrambles, once again trying to meet a deadline that can’t be pushed back because that’s not even an option.

How Plugins Made WordPress Indispensable

WordPress has been around for over 20 years. Part of its continuing popularity stems from how extensible it is. A skilled developer can make the content management system (CMS) do just about anything.

Find any font from any image

Upload an image, and our AI-powered font finder will match it with over 990K+ fonts, including both commercial and free options. We’ll then show you more than 60 similar fonts.

The Truth About Perfect Lighthouse Scores

Do perfect Lighthouse scores mean the performance of your website is perfect? As it turns out, Lighthouse is influenced by a number of things that can be manipulated and bent to make sites seem more performant than they really are, as Salma Alam-Naylor demonstrates in several experiments.

Creating Fullscreen Animations with CSS Grid and GSAP Flip

A grid animation based on Rémi Clauss’ concept where grid items move to a specific position relative to their initial one.

Moderation in Design: Lessons from Taku Satoh

On an impulse in the Getty bookshop this April I picked up a book of essays called Just Enough Design by a designer called Taku Satoh who I confess I had never heard of.

Neurodiverse-Friendly UX: A Design Guide

User experience (UX) design must consider the varied needs of all audience members. Accessibility in design matters for those with visual or physical differences. However, one thing designers sometimes fail to consider is neurodiverse people.

Future Design Careers: 8 Emerging Roles

With the development of technology and society’s changing needs, the design profession will undergo certain transformations. I am sure that in the coming years, we will witness the emergence of new specialisations in design that combine creativity with the latest technologies.

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