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We Got an Invite to Google’s Design Lab, Where There’s a Library of More Than 1,000 Swatches

Peep the living room–like lounges.

UX-ing with ChatGPT and MidJourney

Well, today I’m here to share what I’ve learnt while using them, plus some UX-based use cases for these AI tools.

Designing A Better Design Handoff File In Figma

This article offers practical tips to enhance the handoff process between design and development in product development.

Is ChatGPT eliminating the need for visual interfaces (and UX design)?

ChatGPG introduces an effective conversational UX that could surpass visual interfaces for specific tasks.

The new Google Authenticator logo is brightening up my life

The new design for the app was announced recently and the fresh design (see above, right) is now rolling out across devices.

W3C Launches Beta Of New Website Redesign

The World Wide Web Consortium launches a public beta preview of their redesigned website

How to Design Fonts: Has Blaze Type created the most accessible typography guide?

Want to get into font design but feel confused by the craft? French type design foundry Blaze Type has put together a straightforward guide to demystify typography and make the practice accessible to everyone.  

Ideal Vs practical design process. Which one to choose, when and why?

Here are some scenarios and preferred design processes to consider…

I tried Photoshop’s new generative AI tools. They’re not going to steal your design job—yet

Adobe’s Firefly Photoshop integration has a few useful features that will make creatives’ lives easier, but it still has a long way to go.

The Impact Of Agile Methodologies On Code Quality

Say goodbye to traditional workflows and embrace Agile to unlock the power of high-quality code.

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