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10 Best Typography Websites to Explore for Font Inspiration

How do you know which font is right for your project? That’s where typography inspiration websites come in. These sites show some of the best uses of fonts and typography designs to help you find inspiration.

Latest Photoshop AI is truly next level, treating flat objects as layers [Video]

The feature is known as an object-aware editing engine, but colloquially referred to as Project Stardust. If it lives up to its promise, you can send the lasso tool into retirement, as it’s intended to automate the selection of image components.

Microsoft launches new web app store for Windows

Microsoft has rebuilt its web version of the Microsoft Store from the ground up with a new UI and easier ways to find apps.

Minimal Theme for LinkedIn

Clean up LinkedIn clutter & remove ads in one click

How to Reduce Time to First Byte (TTFB) in WordPress – Expert Tips

When optimizing a WordPress site’s load time, many people overlook the server side. Reducing TTFB (Time To First Byte) will help speed up your site and provide a better user experience.

Collective #785

A very cool, cyberpunk inspired design with interactive pixel distortion effects and stunning page transitions. Our pick this week.

Patreon, redesigned – a new brand identity built for, and with, creators

We are working on a logo creation tool that will enable any creator to craft their own, bespoke version of the Patreon logo that incorporates colors, textures, and motion from their own work. Creators will also be able to leverage our color language on Patreon to personalize their digital space to better fit their aesthetic and identity.

WordPress 6.4 Font Library Feature Punted to 6.5 Release

The WordPress 6.4 release squad has decided to punt the planned Font Library feature to 6.5 after core maintainers found major gaps in the Font APIs that cannot be resolved in time for the upcoming release.

Here’s Some Feedback On Your Feedback

I posted designer Milton Glaser’s famous poster of Bob Dylan on LinkedIn. But there was a twist. It was a version of the poster showing all the ways today’s colleagues and clients provide feedback. Usually on a collaborative platform like Google docs.

Eddie Bauer changed its logo because Gen Z doesn’t read cursive

After nearly 60 years of its distinctive cursive script, the outdoor retailer is ditching the script for blocky text and a goose.

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