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Apple’s Website Redesigned With New Drop-Down Menu Bars and More

On the desktop, there are new drop-down menus that appear when you hover over the categories in the top menu bar, including Store, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Watch, AirPods, TV & Home, Entertainment, Accessories, Support, Search, and Bag. The new Entertainment category replaces “Only on Apple” and continues to highlight Apple’s services.

Non-human personas in practice

How IBM considered frogs as a non-human stakeholder in the design of a citizen science app.

Envato: This is not how to treat your customers!

EnvatoMarket has a consumer rating of 1.13 stars from 238 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about EnvatoMarket most frequently mention customer service, wordpress theme and credit card problems…

The illusion of productivity

We are a generation obsessed with getting things done. How could we not be, with all the internet has to offer us?

Jony Ive’s latest design is the emblem for King Charles’ coronation

It’s actually not the first design that Ive has made for the king.

Microsoft could show off AI-powered versions of Word and Outlook this March

The company reportedly plans to integrate its Prometheus model and productivity apps.

Dancing Baby (1996)

Dancing Baby, also known as “Baby Cha-Cha” or Oogachack Baby was one of the first viral internet memes back in 1996.

Applying psychology principles while designing a digital product

It involves onboarding the users to start using the product and can consist of various steps like verifying the contact details and prompts to explain the product features. Ideally efficient and effective onboarding without any frustrations to the users.

You kinda want an orange favicon

You can’t have a white favicon, because, in a lot of situations, you won’t be able to see the dang thing at all. Here’s a default Chrome tab while macOS is in Light mode.

7 reasons why Apple’s TV app is still a frustrating experience for film lovers

Apple treats fans of podcasts, books, and music so well. What will it take for movie lovers to get the same attention?

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