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Google Bard can now watch YouTube videos for you

The YouTube extension gets a brainy upgrade.

16 little UI design rules that make a big impact

A UI design case study to redesign an example user interface using logical rules or guidelines

Minimalist Web Design: Emphasizing Clean, Simple Layouts and Essential Elements in Modern Websites

Minimalist web design emphasizes simplicity, utility, and user-centricity. It incorporates simplicity, essential focus, negative space utilization, and intuitive navigation. This approach offers improved user experiences, optimized performance, and enhanced mobile responsiveness, all while maintaining brand identity through carefully chosen typography and color palettes.

Open Source Animated Crypto Coins

Spark financial creativity with Free Crypto Coins Animations – 60 dynamic designs, perfect for financial websites or apps.

How Apple walks the tightrope between being open and closed

The iPhone’s maker is famous for its control-freak tendencies—yet it can be surprisingly enthusiastic about industry standards when it sees an upside.

Braille vs. Boston Line Type: How Design Can Truly Be Inclusive

The intent behind both systems was a shared one: to develop a method for educating people who are blind and improving their integration into society.

Design Sprints are Not Enough, Prepare for a UX Marathon

By embracing a UX marathon mindset, designers and product specialists can reshape the narrative, driving UX from the periphery to the core of business decisions.

15 years ago, I helped design Google Maps

Last week, the team dramatically changed the map’s visual design. I don’t love it. It feels colder, less accurate and less human.

System Usability Scale for Data-Driven UX

Have you ever wondered how top designers, researchers, and product developers consistently create user-friendly, efficient, and enjoyable products? The answer lies in the system usability scale (SUS), a key tool in the world of user experience (UX) research and evaluation.

UI Faces with AI

Free AI-generated avatars for your creative projects

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