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Introducing the Microsoft Creator Hub

Microsoft Create consists of two main websites: Creator Hub and Learn and Grow. Creator Hub offers a catalog of templates that are ready to use for social media, video, presentations, and more, making it easier for creators to get started with their projects.

Figma vs Sketch vs Adobe XD: choose the best tool for you

Whether you’re looking for information to help you choose between design tools or you’re just curious to read our thoughts on this very commonly-searched topic…

Top 5 Alternatives to Comic Sans

Five free, affordable or free-to-try alternatives to the well-memed classic, Comic Sans.

What Pinterest Design can offer creatives as an essential tool for inspiration

The platform offers numerous industry-specific resources, with insights from Pinterest’s very own design team, opportunities to promote your work and new ways to ideate on projects.

Microsoft just bungled its $13 billion debut of AI-powered Bing

With new ChatGPT-like features, the Bing app is about to get its star turn. It better clean up its design first.

Marketron – Generate mockup images of your website on real world devices

This application takes a screenshot of your website and inserts it onto a screen of real world device (computer, phone, tablet). That way, you can use this mockups for previews or as a marketing material.

Does spirituality have what it takes to change design for the better?

From typefaces created for ancient covenants to the rebrand of a modern church, spirituality is becoming a larger force within design. Here, we speak to a handful of practitioners to find out what place spirituality has in the world of design (and vice versa).  

9 ways AI can interact with culture

Since 2018, Google Arts & Culture Lab has been exploring the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in an artistic and cultural context.

Is this really the worst colour ever?

And it seems there’s a clear contender for the dubious honour: #8b8000 (what else?). Yep, puce green has been identified as one of the most offensive hues around, and it seems there are strong feelings on either side of this 8b8000debate.

How I prototype to communicate, not complicate, in Figma

5 prototyping techniques to help get your message across without getting lost in the weeds.

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