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Neubrutalism – UI Design Trend That Wins The Web

Neubrutalism is a trend in web design focusing on creating structures and layouts that are simple but also impactful, utilizing bold colors, sharp lines, and geometric shapes to create a unique look. This UI design style combines elements from the past with modern-day approaches.

Extremely open and incredibly close: should you go open source?

Every founder building for developers, including those founders at a stage where they’re still only thinking about their future product, will inevitably consider this question: should their product be open sourced, and, if so—why?  

Brands keep dumping their script logos. Which brand will be next?

When Johnson & Johnson’s recent abandonment of its 136-year-old cursive logo was followed quickly by Eddie Bauer ditching its script wordmark of six decades, alarm bells rang in all corners of the design and branding spaces.

If designers don’t embrace AI the world “will be designed without them” says AirBnb founder

Designers need to participate in the development of AI or face having the future world designed without them, warns Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky in this exclusive interview.

December Email Newsletter Guide: Ideas and Examples

Follow our guide to December email newsletter ideas and examples to get creative with marketing strategies to strike the right chord and channel festive vibes in your direction after the Black Friday madness subsides.

An Efficient Design-to-Code Handoff Process Using Uno Platform For Figma

Effective collaboration between designers and developers is vital to creating good user experiences. However, bridging the handoff between design and development with the many tools and workflows available today has its pitfalls. Matthew Mattei introduces you to the Uno Platform. This free and open-source project offers a robust set of productivity boosters, including a design-to-code plugin that fosters better designer/developer collaboration.

How to Stress Test a WordPress Website

Stress testing a WordPress website will show how your website will perform under different situations. This way, you can ensure fast performance and resolve any issues.

Nielsen’s Heuristics as the North Star of User Experience

Have you ever tried out different Apps or sites and noticed that one of them gives you instructions and directs your actions while the others require a lot of clicking around, just to find whatever it is that you need? Enter the world of Nielsen’s 10 Heuristics, the unsung heroes shaping the user experience of your favorite digital spaces. For every user who has experienced the agony of a confusing…

UX Case Study | Daily Miracles- Transforming Compassion and fundraising into Design

Daily Miracles explores the application of design principles in crafting a user-centered digital experience for fundraising needs under various campaigns.

Tumblr is betting big on going small

The social network failed to hit the growth targets its new owner set in 2019. But were they ever compatible with what Tumblr does best?  

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