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Firefox now lets you send signals to websites not to share data

This new version allows users to easily activate a setting that signals websites not to share or sell their personal data, aligning with Global Privacy Control standards and offering a more secure and private browsing experience.

British regulator warns websites to change cookie policy

The ICO’s firm stance on user privacy and advertising cookies sends a clear message to UK websites, demanding easier opt-out options and stressing the importance of ethical advertising practices.

Minimalist Color Palette and Typography in Web Design

Adopting a minimalist color palette and typography in web design represents a design philosophy that goes beyond aesthetics with a clean and uncluttered design. It’s a conscious choice that…

React Best Practices – A 10-Point Guide

React, the popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces, has revolutionized web development. Most of you are no stranger to its power and flexibility. But, how can you elevate your React game and ensure your projects are easy to maintain and scale? That’s where this article with React best practices comes into play.

Test often to keep your designs simple

Rather than use the most complicated design first. The key is to try the simplest thing to build and get going. That way if you don’t need to build on more things, you don’t.

Why AI won’t replace designers (just yet)

Technological and “intellectual” limitations that secure our roles as Product Designers for the foreseeable future.

WordPress: Introducing Twenty Twenty-Four

A behind-the-scenes look at Twenty Twenty-Four, the most expressive and capable WordPress default theme yet, alongside WordPress 6.4.

Microsoft’s AI Designer Turns Personal Holiday Memories Into Artwork

This year, Microsoft is looking to celebrate the holiday season—a time of diverse traditions and unique memories—in a novel way with the help of artificial intelligence. The technology giant has invited individuals to share personal holiday stories to be transformed into digital art through the power of Microsoft Designer.

Monospace: One superfamily. Five fonts. Three variable axes.

Since the earliest days of the teletype machine, code has been set in monospaced type — letters, on a grid. Monaspace is a new type system that advances the state of the art for the display of code on screen.

15 Best New Fonts, November 2023

2023 is almost over, and the new fonts are still coming thick and fast. This month, we’ve found some awesome variable fonts, some revivals, and one or two novelty fonts to get you through the holiday promotion work. Enjoy!

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