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AI will mean more programmers, not fewer

AI will not replace programming. Instead AI, combined with the power of visual programming platforms, will help more people than ever become programmers

The Designer Who Makes Movie Posters Worthy of Museums

You’ve seen Dawn Baillie’s posters for thrillers, comedies and dramas outside cineplexes. Now her work is being exhibited at Poster House in Manhattan.


A minimalist, beautiful Radial Background Generator

AI Spam and the Bot Economy: The Rise of Zombie Content

It was reported that 67% of all internet traffic is bots – and that was back in 2021. Thanks to AI, that figure could apparently hit 90% by the end of the decade. GenAI expert, Nina Schick, goes as far as estimating that the 90% of web content itself will be generated by AI by 2025 – that’s just next year!

TikTok Is Allegedly Working on a New Photo App and Its Icon Looks Awfully Familiar

A developer spotted code for a new “TikTok Photos” app when looking through the app’s code.    

About Ideas Now

Find people to talk to or collaborate with by searching across the /about, /ideas and /now pages of 6484 personal websites.

The soul of your work

Breathing life into what you make

How to use huge type on the web

Last week’s post looked at websites that dared to use huge type and did it well. With this week’s post I’ll explore what it is that works well about the huge type on these websites and establish guidelines and recommendations for using huge type on the web.

Mastering Spatial User Interfaces

A Comprehensive Guide to Designing for Vision OS

New Decathlon rebrand feels playful yet familiar

Global sports brand’s new identity fits like a glove.

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