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How to Create a Horizontal Navigation Bar Using CSS

In web design, a horizontal navigation bar is a fundamental element allowing users to navigate different website sections. Creating a sleek and functional navigation bar using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is relatively straightforward and provides a lot of flexibility in terms of design and responsiveness.

The Founder’s Guide to Mastering Design

Traditionally, most tech leaders have come from engineering backgrounds. On their way to success, they’ve learned important business and leadership skills, honed their communication and management abilities, acquired strategic tactics, and shown interest in understanding the product, marketing, and sales.

Are web components worth it?

In this episode, Jake and Surma chat about web components. Why they were invented, what they’re useful for, and how they would improve.

Creating Compelling TV Apps: Design Tips You Need

Long gone are the days when TVs were just “boxes for watching the news.” With the rise of Smart TVs, the use of TV apps is skyrocketing. In their recent report, Inscape notes that the average number of apps used by a smart TV user has doubled, with viewers in Q3 2023 using an average of 5.4 apps per person, up from 2.6 apps per person in Q4 2021.

How Figma Designed a Visually Striking Config Conference

Every year, our Brand Studio team faces an exciting challenge: creating a visual language for Config, Figma’s annual user conference. The goal? Develop a visual identity that feels like a distinctive, standalone experience while staying true to Figma’s overall brand. This experience needs to resonate with an audience of thousands of designers, developers, and product teams who join us in person and tune in virtually. It’s not just about the marquee…

Mindful time tracking

Balance is a slightly different time management tool. It requires you to manually clock on and off and urges you to take breaks, which may help you develop a better work/life balance.

Tech Trends vs. User Expectations in Digital Banking

What would an iPhone look like if one of the banks designed it? The modern banking executive faces a pervasive challenge: how to innovate effectively in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. They are increasingly drawn to the allure of cutting-edge technologies─from AI and blockchain integration to cloud-based infrastructure and open banking APIs. However, when creating digital financial products and services, this tech-driven focus might overlook the essential component of the…

The Role of Personality in User Experience

This article explores more practical strategies and best practices for designing with personality in mind. We’ll cover key approaches to personality-based design, specific practices for each of the Big Five personality traits, case studies of successful implementations, and challenges to consider in this exciting field. We’ll also introduce the concept of “personalityzation” — a specific approach to adapting user interfaces based on personality traits.

Preparing for Real-Time Applications in Avalanche Safety

Launching a greenfield application or rolling out a new feature can be like going out into the wilderness: you can never quite be sure what is waiting for you out there (bears, falling rocks …or an avalanche?) With distributed systems, you can face many common problems, and a little awareness and preparedness could be what keeps your service alive! Today, I’d like to talk about one such problem: the thundering herd…

Did Figma Just Replace Design Concepting?

Professionals across various industries have historically relied on concepts to communicate and sell ideas. Concepts are very common in advertising, branding, marketing, graphic design, fashion, architecture, and many more creative fields. It all comes down to the human brain’s innate attraction to narrative and metaphor and how we can leverage this to push ideas forward.

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