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From Pixels to Print: Ensuring Versatility in Custom Logo Design

Make sure the brand is fully and accurately represented on all mediums and in all situations. Since there is such a huge variety in how all these different channels operate and the space constraints that they come with, brands have to innovate and keep themselves adaptable and responsive to every channel.

Windows is now an app for iPhones, iPads, Macs, and PCs

Microsoft has created a new ‘Windows App’ for accessing its OS on a variety of devices, possibly signaling broader ambitions.  

My favorite coding question to give candidates (and why)

A coding interview question, from the viewpoint of an Google/Amazon/Microsoft interviewer

F37’s new collaborative typeface collection is unlike any you’ve ever seen before

Award-winning Manchester-based font studio F37 Foundry has launched its collaborative new typeface collection this week. Featuring designs from leading names and emerging talents, it’s unlike anything you’ve seen.  

On-Scroll Shape Morph Animations

Scroll-driven shape morph animations with tilt interaction inspired by the effect seen on KPR.

6 Ways to Make Authentication Systems More User-friendly

Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty by designing a safe, consistent, and user-friendly authentication system.

AI or Not AI: Can You Spot the Real Photos?

Take a look at these images and see if you can tell which are “fake.”

The Magic of Details: How UX Microinteractions Transform Products

UX/UI designers use various tricks to create user-friendly interfaces: they work out information architecture, conduct usability tests, and much more. But the true UX magic happens when the main structure of an application is ready — and this magic has a name: microinteractions.

9 excellent web design blogs to follow

Web design blogs are fantastic sources of inspiration, resources, and information on current design trends. Here are 9 of our favorites.

How to Design with Coded Components – Simple & Responsive Dashboard Tutorial

In this article, we will walk you through designing a responsive dashboard with a coded component library – Material UI, one of the best, thoroughly documented libraries of ready-made elements.

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