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Dropbox glyphs

Each symbol visually tells its respective product story while leveraging the overarching style of the iconic Dropbox logo and its signature brand colors of blue and graphite.

Mastodon Flock

Mastodon Flock is a web application that looks for Twitter users on ActivityPub-enabled platforms (the “Fediverse”), such as Mastodon. It allows you to easily find and follow your friends that have accounts elsewhere.

How to use AI to generate creative ideas

Chatting with an AI about ideas lets you explore angles, approaches, and—most importantly—weirdness that you might never have thought of on your own.

Will Tech Layoffs Affect the UX Design Job Market in 2023?

Many UX design roles are created as a result of new product or service launches, and with the current downturn in the tech industry, companies are likely to reduce their hiring and focus on maintaining existing teams.

Democratizing User Research to Innovate and Refine Digital Products

Empowering non-researchers to collect client feedback can pave the way to better products and customer retention.

Web Design Process in 2023 – Fundamental Guideline

If you’re a newbie in web designing and you are wondering how to handle an entire web design process. This practical guideline with the latest updates will help you be ready to conquer your debut project.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome to Become a Confident Product Designer

It’s natural to feel like you don’t belong or that others may know more than you do. But that’s not true. This is what’s known as imposter syndrome and it can affect anyone, regardless of their skill level or experience.

Nightmarish cereal boxes show the limits of AI image generators

Despite the vertiginous technological advances, there are still some requests that seem fry AI image synths’ brains. For anyone wanting to confuse an AI model and make it produce a nightmarish jumble of nonsensical chaos, one creative has found the ultimate silver bullet rubbed in garlic. This video shows one model’s attempt to generate i

Advent Calendars For Web Designers And Developers (2022 Edition)

This year, the web community was once again busy creating tech advent calendars jam-packed with fantastic content to sweeten your days. But which ones to follow? We help you find the right one, whether you’re a front-end dev, UX designer, or content strategist.

Dark Patterns in UX: What You Should Know

Good UX revolves around the idea of providing people with interactions that are seamless, enjoyable, and intuitive. To achieve this, a designer should focus on satisfying a user’s needs above everything else. However, given that UX is an interdisciplinary practice that makes use of principles inherited from fields like psychology and cognitive sciences, sometimes designers can craft experiences that are decept

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