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Pixels of the Month: Metaverse advertising, AI tool, and pixelated wood sculptures

This month, I dug into metaverse advertising with the latest Burberry campaign and I came across a fantastic AI tool to copy real-life items with a phone and to paste them into a desktop app.

Understanding the UX Research Process

After concluding my learnings from course 2 and course 3 of google UX Design specialization which is “Start the UX design process: Empathize, Define and Ideate” and “Building wireframes and low fidelity prototypes”. Here I am concluding my learnings from the next course which is “Understanding the UX research process”.

Canva’s Magic Write is an existential threat to Microsoft and Google

Canva is aiming at Google Docs and Microsoft Word with a collaborative word processor that eliminates writer’s block.

Tooltip to Gallery Transition

A concept for page transitions where a tooltip image animates to a gallery layout and fullscreen image.

Microcopy Matters: The UX Designer’s Guide to Writing Better Copy

Microcopy is a term used for the small pieces of content that appears on digital interfaces, from calls to action to disclaimers assuring users that their personal information won’t be shared. While this might seem like the responsibility of marketers or content managers, these tiny pieces of text play a vital role in UX — and can make or break your user experience.

Icon Design Trends For 2023

Icons are an essential part of it that helps the viewers navigate around the app. Discover the icon design trends for 2023 and practical tips on their usage.

Dropbox Brand Identity

Working closely with Dropbox’s internal brand studio, San Francisco-based design studio Play developed a streamlined series of logos for the renowned file hosting service’s sub-brands; Capture, Sign, Forms, Fax and DocSend. “When we think about brands, we always think end-to-end through the entire customer’s experience,” ​​Dropbox’s Brand Studio Director Liz Gilmore tells us, “so you’ll see the

Text-to-image AI, explained: Why the tech has proven so controversial

This latest trend in synthetic media has delighted many—and struck fear in some. Google, research firm OpenAI and AI vendor Stability AI have each developed a text-to-image image generator powerful enough that some observers are questioning whether in the future people will be able to trust the photographic rec  

YouTube is making its own Twitch-like emotes

YouTube now has its own set of custom emotes that work across all comments and live chats. The Twitch-like emotes, dubbed YouTube Emotes, can be used across YouTube in comment sections and during live chats, though the platform previously allowed individual streamers to offer their own reactions and emotes. YouTube’s own initial emotes are focused

UX Content Strategy – How to Create and Track it

Content exists across multiple touchpoints sourced from numerous creators. A UX content strategy ensures content production and governance remain high quality and consistency to enhance a product’s user experience while meeting business goals.

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