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CandyIcons – Discover beautiful AI-generated app icons for your products

Access our massive collection of stunning AI-generated app icons and choose the one you like best. Besides, we also offer free-to-use tools like custom favicon generator and all-required app icon sizes generator.

5 Upcoming Web Design Trends for 2023

Curious to see what sort of new web design trends 2023 will bring? In this post, we’ll look at 5 of them and explain how each will help you build better websites for users.

Test your knowledge of festive logos

Foney Fonts is a simple, fun game designed for players to test their knowledge of fonts and brand logos.

Google Search results now continuously scroll on desktop

Google is giving its search results on desktop the “continuous scrolling” treatment over a year after launching the feature on mobile. Continuous scrolling will eliminate the need to click “Next” or the page numbers at the bottom of your search results. Instead, Google will automatically load the next batch of results on the page once you’ve scrolled

How I increased my salary by 500% in my design career

I got my first job at 25. I was fresh out of college and really glad to have landed a job at a bank that had its headquarters in my hometown. They later told me that there were more than 150 candidates lined up for it. The salary was very good for the living standards in Slovenia back at the time but I left only 18 months later. I realised…

2022 Design Tools Survey Results

We’re excited to share the results of the Design Tools Survey for the sixth time! This year we can understand the industry more deeply as we ask new questions about remote work, leadership, and research. We also added two new categories: advanced prototyping and portfolio builders. We hope you find it educational and valuable. As always, the raw data is freely available to download.

Why You Might Prefer App Design Over Web Design

You might be considering whether to focus on app design or work with web products only. This question is fundamental once you start to think about your job search. You want to become a UX/UI designer, but you need to understand what direction you like more — app or web.  

Mossberg: The Disappearing Computer

Tech was once always in your way. Soon, it will be almost invisible.

10 mind-blowing Figma plugins for UI Designers

These ten Figma plugins have helped me immensely. With just a few clicks, I can transform how I work with design elements, collaborate on projects with others or even automate some tasks altogether — saving valuable time for other creative pursuits.

The final Google Fonts Knowledge drop of 2022

The year’s almost at its end, but we’ve got one last Google Fonts Knowledgedrop for you, and, although I’m biassed… it’s a really good one. In my opinion, it builds upon what we launched for Q1, Q2, and Q3 with some well-rounded content that really takes the resource up a notch. Please allow me to run through all of the Q4 additions to the site:

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