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MagicStock by Aimages – Convert descriptions to images with transparent background

Less searching, more creating. All your transparent background images in one place. Use AI to create unlimited high-quality and unique images with transparent backgrounds by just describing them.

How Spotify Designed a New Homepage Experience

When our team started working on the homepage, which is the landing page of our website, we found that an overwhelming majority of people who visit want to listen to audio directly on the site (i.e., they’re looking for the web player). But, they had trouble finding it and were frustrated with the amount of friction it took to listen to anything.

Insights from reviewing my readers’ one hundred and thirty-eight UX portfolios

Out of the 138 portfolios submitted, 125 was screened. If you’re part of the 13 that I didn’t review, it’s because you’re a UX writer, UX engineer or a UX consultancy business. I do not have the expertise to review portfolios for writers and engineers, and reviewing UX businesses is something I would not do for free (sorry).

5 Differences Between UX and Behavioural Insights

More than once I’ve been asked about the difference between behavioural insights (BI) and user experience (UX), as UX design becomes increasingly important in the world of product development, yet there is a whole other world of BI that has been popularised by the Behavioural Insights Team (

The State of CSS

We thought CSS had already evolved into a pretty formidable language thanks to advancements like Flexbox, Grid, and CSS Variables. But it turns out this wasn’t even its final form. Parent selector, native nesting, container queries, cascade layers… The list of absolutely game-changing features coming imminently is pretty shocking when you think about it.

World’s oldest logo infographic baffles the internet

Reddit users are pouring over an infographic that claims to show the oldest logos that are still in existence. And while many of them have evolved to an extent over the years, it’s also striking how many have retained their original elements.

What’s Good About the Arc Browser

I was actually skeptical because I’ve tried the ol’ “fork of popular browser, but with improved UI” browsers before, and they never stick with me. I’ve developed some doubts about how much value a skin over an existing browser engine can actually bring. Like, don’t build me a browser with a built-in crypto wallet or

Design systems without screens

It sounds as though we are declaring the end of technology’s golden age, both for those who make it and for those who use it. If we are heading this way with our technology and interfaces, what does this mean for design? Are all these circumstances leading to the end o

It took 28 human bodies to create this unusual typeface

Project Body Type isn’t the most legible font ever created, but it comes with a powerful message.

Launch by Burb – Launch your membership in minutes instead of months

Looking to monetize group membership, but stuck staring at site builders and billing products? Launch makes it easy to just. get. started. Set up billing and beautiful landing pages, track membership automatically and effortlessly for any private space.

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