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An exploration of the pain points that CSS gap solves.

Not long ago, when managing spacing on the web, our first thought would often be to use margin. Consider a card component, for instance, which includes an image, title, and description. In such a layout, margin was the go-to solution for controlling the spacing between these elements.

A Deep Dive into YouTube’s Layout 2.0

This article delves into the effects of these changes, exploring how they influence content creators’ strategies and YouTube’s overall user engagement.

Optimizing UI with Decision Trees

How do you know what UI component to choose? Decision trees offer a systematic approach for design teams to document their design decisions. Once we’ve decided what UI components we use and when, we can avoid never-ending discussions, confusion, and misunderstanding.

Essential Design Trends to Watch in June 2024

Summer is off to a fun start with some highly dramatic website design trends showing up in projects. Let’s dive in!

How we transform our online presence

With the hyper-growth phase our studio has undergone, it was crucial that our website reflected our values and our distinctive model.

Essential Website Editing Checklist for Success

Hitting “publish” on a new webpage or major update is exciting, but there’s a nagging fear… Did you miss something? Little mistakes can seriously impact website visitors.

Flowbite has launched over 50+ e-commerce components

These components are designed to enhance user experience, streamline development processes, and provide customizable options to meet the unique needs of various e-commerce platforms.

A Fresh Typeface Exclusive to Spotify

Spotify is as unique and personal as each listener who’s plugged in daily, as well as the artists and creators who have found a home on our platform. We never stop innovating when it comes to building an experience that reflects the vibrancy and creativity of our community. Whether it’s the new products and tools we release or the marketing and events we debut, we are forever evolving.

The Role of Affordance in Crafting Design System Components

Let’s consider a table and a chair as examples. The primary affordance of a table is its ability to support items, facilitated by its flat, horizontal surface.

Elevate Your Design Systems Team with Code Connect Best Practices

Design system leads and developers at Bumble, GitHub, and HP share how they’re leveraging the new Dev Mode feature to bridge the gap between design and code.

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