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11 Best AI Tools for Web Designers

Let’s consider some other benefits of AI tools for web designers, check out their shortcomings and limitations, and examine 10 of the best solutions in this niche that already help creatives make the web a better place with outstanding, high-end, and inspiring web designs done with AI assistance.

Collective #752

A truly well designed web experience that will surprise you with buttery smooth effects and stunning details. No doubt, our pick this week.

How I use Figma to craft better presentations

Simple guidelines for using Figma to showcase your strength as a visual storyteller

A love letter to Figma (and all my exes)*

A trip down memory lane for seasoned UX designers. A lesson to learn for new ones.

25 Fantastic Tutorials For Learning Figma

In this round-up, we feature the best Figma tutorials from around the web. They cover a wide range of topics, from UI basics to more advanced techniques. With the help of these tutorials, you’ll be able to master Figma in no time.

Say goodbye to “dummy text” and start using real content *

Why designers should ditch Lorem Ipsum and learn to write

Rethinking What It Means to Be a Web Designer

Can web design still be considered a “new” industry? Sure, it hasn’t been around for as long as tech stalwarts like software development or graphic design. But it’s no longer an emerging career opportunity, either.

When to Use Empathy Maps: 3 Options

Empathy maps are a powerful, flexible tool that can be used to plan for future research studies, capture insights during current user research, and communicate research insights from research that has already been conducted to others.

Smashing Podcast Episode 56 With Veerle Pieters: How Has The Design Industry Changed?

In this episode of the Smashing Podcast we ask how has the design industry changed? Is technology making our work easier? Vitaly Friedman talks to veteran designer Veerle Pieters to find out.

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