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F. C. Variable: Rob en Robin create customisable illustrations inspired by variable fonts

The worlds of illustration and variable fonts collide in a new project from creative duo Rob en Robin titled F. C. Variable. In it, the pair explore how users can manipulate exported images to create customisable results.  

100 Unique Website Footer Design Inspirations

Whether you’re aiming for a clean and modern aesthetic or want to inject some personality into your design, the footer is a prime opportunity to showcase your brand’s identity.

Layers – A home for designers

Layers is a design community platform built by designers for designers. Share your work, connect with other designers and build your portfolio.

Designing with Integrity: The Ethical Designer’s Handbook on Dark Patterns

These deceptive design tactics, intended to manipulate users into actions they may not have intended, pose a significant ethical dilemma in the realm of design. This article delves into the prevalence of dark patterns, the importance of ethical design principles, and serves as a guide for designers committed to creating with integrity.

What’s Coming in WordPress 6.5 (Features and Screenshots)

WordPress has released the beta for the release of version 6.5 for testing. It will be the first major WordPress update of 2024, and many people have done significant work on it.

45 Game-Changing 2024 Figma Plugins You Can’t Miss!

In this post, you’ll find the ultimate collection of 45 popular and practical plugins for Figma in 2024. Carefully curated, these plugins are poised to enhance your workflow, amplify your creativity, and elevate your Figma experience. Dive into this meticulously crafted selection, designed to serve you best in your collaborative design journey with Figma.

Fresh tools to help creatives run their freelance practice in 2024

We asked the community what tools save them the most time and effort, and here’s what they had to say.  

20 Best New Websites, February 2024

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so this latest collection is a billet-doux celebrating the best of the web this month.

Design-Pattern Guidelines: Study Guide

Summary:  Unsure how to design and implement user-interface patterns? Use this collection of links to our content about specific patterns.  

Don’t Disable Form Controls

Just another usability and accessibility pro telling authors not to do the thing they continue to do.

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