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An Efficient Design-to-Code Handoff Process Using Uno Platform For Figma

Effective collaboration between designers and developers is vital to creating good user experiences. However, bridging the handoff between design and development with the many tools and workflows available today has its pitfalls. Matthew Mattei introduces you to the Uno Platform. This free and open-source project offers a robust set of productivity boosters, including a design-to-code plugin that fosters better designer/developer collaboration.

On-Scroll Shape Morph Animations

Scroll-driven shape morph animations with tilt interaction inspired by the effect seen on KPR.

9 excellent web design blogs to follow

Web design blogs are fantastic sources of inspiration, resources, and information on current design trends. Here are 9 of our favorites.

How to Design with Coded Components – Simple & Responsive Dashboard Tutorial

In this article, we will walk you through designing a responsive dashboard with a coded component library – Material UI, one of the best, thoroughly documented libraries of ready-made elements.

20 Best New Websites, November 2023

As the nights draw in for the Northern hemisphere, what better way to brighten your day than by soaking up some design inspiration?

Designing Web Design Documentation

Words alone aren’t enough to safeguard best practices in the world of web design and development. Web design documentation must be like its medium — interactive and constantly evolving.

Why are Western apps more minimalist than Asian apps?

The digital behaviour traits of individualism and collectivism

Are designers happy? Our new “State of the Designer” report aims to find out

Our new report examines what it takes for designers to feel fulfilled and satisfied in their roles now that work has radically changed.  

Collective #789

We’ve made some exciting changes to our newsletter’s look and feel, and we can’t wait to share them with you! We’ve listened to your feedback, so we’ve reduced the number of images to improve readability. But, we’re also a bit nervous because it’s something new for us. We’d greatly appreciate your feedback on the new design. Your thoughts are essential as we want to ensure our newsletter is the best…

Creating Accessible UI Animations

Animation and accessibility are often seen as two separate powers at odds with one another. How is it possible to strike a balance between elements that move and the possible negative effects they expose to users who are sensitive to motion? Oriana García explains how her team at Mercado Libre tackled the challenge by creating guiding principles for applying animation to user interfaces and incorporating them into the team’s design…

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