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How Responsive Design Testing Boosts E-Commerce Success

In today’s digital age, e-commerce has become the backbone of the retail industry. As online shoppers continue to rise, providing a seamless and engaging user experience across all devices is crucial

The Essential Guide to Keyboard Integration in Mobile Interfaces

When Designing interfaces for mobile applications, designers often leave keyboards “out of the picture.” However, this is quite an interesting topic, as the correct (use of the keyboard) keyboard use is what any user expects from an interface.

Discover 127 Figma Website Designs

Today Figma is a top designers’ choice with more than 4 million users and among those are big tech companies like Microsoft, X (Twitter), Dropbox, Rakuten, Stripe, Slack, GitHub, and many more.

Designing Interactive Elements That Keep Users Engaged

We’re looking at how and why to design interactions that compel people to play with them again and again. Plus we’re messing around with the Fidget Spinner, 2017’s breakout fidget hit.

What UI density means?

Interfaces are becoming less dense, I’m usually one to be skeptical of nostalgia and “we liked it that way” bias, but comparing websites and applications of 2024 to their 2000s-era counterparts, the spreading out of software is hard to ignore.

Rediscovering Creativity in Modern Web Design

Creativity can be freeing for web designers. There’s nothing quite like reaching that “a-ha” moment. It’s when an idea transfers from your head to a screen.

The Evolution of Keypad Design

Every time you pick up your mobile phone to make a call you’re presented with the layout below. But has it ever occurred to you to wonder why the numbers are arranged like this? Or why the calculator on your phone is arranged in the opposite direction?

The Strategic Importance of Low Fidelity Design

Designers going all-in on user-facing high fidelity visuals are abandoning their most powerful tool for influencing strategy

Redefining Responsive Design: Alternatives to CSS Media Queries

Many of the latest CSS features released in the past several years are designed to write “smarter” styles that apply when they meet certain conditions, many of which are directly related to responsive design. What does this mean for media queries?

Boosting Usability with Minimalist UX Design

User experience (UX) design is important for making websites and apps successful. With so much focus on being the best and adding new features, it’s easy to forget how powerful simplicity can be. Minimalist design not only makes things easier to use, especially in complicated settings like big businesses, but it also helps protect the environment.

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