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Designing genAI-enhanced features

Elevating user experience through intelligent content enhancement and personalization.

The anatomy of a Super Bowl ad

How learning app Duolingo’s cheeky five-second spot beat the odds in a crowded field.  

Top 8 AI Tools and Plugins Every UI/UX Designer Should Try in 2024

I’ve rounded up a fantastic collection of AI tools designed to elevate your design game. From crafting icons to refining UI/UX and simplifying documentation, these AI tools are game-changers. Give them a try and see how they can revolutionize your design workflow.

Introducing Simple Type Club

Hello friends, today I’m excited to announce something special: Simple Type Club! A very special calendar-year 2024 subscription which bundles all of our typefaces along with other great perks through December 31, 2024.

Tiger Woods Unveils Brand Logo That May Evolve With Every Win After Nike Breakup

The star golfer has also revealed that each time he scores another major, the tiger logo will earn another stripe.

What’s Your Type?

Your typographic soulmate is out there waiting for you. Find them with our quiz!

Jeffrey Zeldman: I am a creative

I am a creative. What I do is alchemy. It is a mystery. I do not so much do it, as let it be done through me.

20 Best New Websites, February 2024

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so this latest collection is a billet-doux celebrating the best of the web this month.

“The type industry is at a crossroads”, says Anthony Sheret

As independent type foundry Colophon joins Monotype, I catch up with Colophon’s co-founder Anthony Sheret to chat about the state of the industry.

How Airbnb Became a Leader in UX Design

rom a small bed & breakfast opened in the founder’s rented house, to a billion dollar multi-national hospitality company — one thing that is crucial to their success has been design.

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