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Legally Boost YouTube Views and Get New Subs Sponsored

Get 10% off any campaigns on Prodvigate with code FF97BDFDEF. Official Google Partner. Trusted by over 14k YouTube creators and agencies. Start your campaign today!

Designing the Overlooked Empty States – UX Best Practices

Empty states are a pause, not a dead end. Whether a user stumbles across an empty state due to first-use, accomplishment, or error, your product needs to guide them to the next logical step.

Try Bard and share your feedback

We’re starting to open access to Bard, an early experiment that lets you collaborate with generative AI. We’re beginning with the U.S. and the U.K., and will expand to more countries and languages over time.

The City of New York gets a post-pandemic rebrand, reworking I ❤ NY

Founders unveils a new city-wide campaign with 30 uniquely New York symbols – the first city to be represented with its own set of official emojis.

My favorite UI design books & why I love them

A curated list and review of my favorites

What is Git Merge and how to use it?

In this tutorial, we’re going to dive deep into Git merge, its benefits, potential risks, and best practices for using it in a team environment.

Adobe made an AI image generator — and says it didn’t steal artists’ work to do it

Adobe says the system is only trained on content that’s licensed or out of copyright — not work from artists across the internet.  

Is the minimalist logo trend destroying brands?

This logo design trend may have some downsides for branding, it turns out. New research warns that “debranding” – stripping away elements that made the brand unique and recognisable – may be turning brands into ‘blands’.

Copy / Paste SVG Shapes

Explore the collection of 120+ basic SVG shapes for your upcoming project. Simply click on a shape to copy its SVG code to your clipboard.

7 Design Podcasts that Changed My Career (Every Designer should listen)

In this article, I will share my top 7 podcasts for Designers and one essential takeaway from each that has helped me.

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