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Asking Users for Their Pronouns: A Guide for UX Designers

Let me set the scene — you’re a UX designer and you’re at a meeting discussing a new onboarding flow for users to create their profile. Someone asks “Wait, we should include a pronoun selector here, right?”

Beautiful ugly websites

A prime example of how “ugly” turns into good design is the niche of niches of so-called “the ugliest websites of the web”—those lightweight, text-heavy, old-fashioned, basic HTML-styled web pages.

Navbar Gallery

Find the best navigation designs from leading websites to fuel your inspiration.

Midjourney Accuses Stable Diffusion Creator Of, Erm, Copying Its Art

As cited by AI enthusiast Nick St Pierre, Stability AI employees supposedly infiltrated Midjourney’s database and stole pairings of image and text prompts—crucial training data for AI image generators—last Saturday. Stability AI has been blamed for causing a 24-hour outage for Midjourney as a result of this action.

How IBM is using Adobe Firefly to reshape design

IBM Chief Design Officer Billy Seabrook talked about the company’s use of Adobe’s generative AI tool Firefly and how it boosted productivity for design staffers.

AVIF is the Future of Web Images

AVIF doesn’t just shrink file sizes — it enhances the visual experience. With support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG), images are no longer just pictures — they are vivid, deep, and dynamically rich scenes.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Blur Your Home on Google Maps

Google Maps’ Street View feature does raise some privacy concerns.

POV: Is it the designer’s responsibility if an app is addictive?

Habit-forming features on social media apps are sparking class-action lawsuits. But does moral responsibility lie with product designers?

Figma: Behind the feature: The multiple lives of multi-edit

Vice President of Product Sho Kuwamoto and Product Designer Nikolas Klein walk us through the journey of multi-edit, a new feature that simplifies editing across multiple designs in just a few clicks.  

Color Wheels For Human-Centered Design

Color wheels are tools for artists, designers, and anyone working with color. However, many people think there’s just one color wheel. Yet others don’t realize the rules of color harmony rarely translate from one wheel to another.

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