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Moderation in Design: Lessons from Taku Satoh

On an impulse in the Getty bookshop this April I picked up a book of essays called Just Enough Design by a designer called Taku Satoh who I confess I had never heard of.

Neurodiverse-Friendly UX: A Design Guide

User experience (UX) design must consider the varied needs of all audience members. Accessibility in design matters for those with visual or physical differences. However, one thing designers sometimes fail to consider is neurodiverse people.

Future Design Careers: 8 Emerging Roles

With the development of technology and society’s changing needs, the design profession will undergo certain transformations. I am sure that in the coming years, we will witness the emergence of new specialisations in design that combine creativity with the latest technologies.

CSS Container Queries

The main idea of CSS Container Queries is to register an element as a “container” and apply styles to other elements when the container element meets certain conditions.

Crafting Generative AI Interfaces

Generative AI is reshaping the landscape of design, ushering us into an era where deeply individualized user experiences become the norm. Personalization reaches beyond the tailored, transcending into the realm of the deeply individualized, fostering one-on-one connections at scale — true hyper-personalization. I’m not calling for the abandonment of established design principles but for their evolution, to harness the potential of GenAI in a human-centric way.

Glassmorphism: Definition and Best Practices

Glassmorphism is a visual design style that utilizes different levels of translucency to create depth and contrast between foreground and background elements, mimicking frosted glass.

Our Favorite Rails Libraries for Development

From time immemorial, the Evil Martians team has worked on dozens of Ruby on Rails projects every year. Naturally, this process involves a lot of Ruby gems. Some reflect our desire to be cutting-edge and to use modern tools (or build our own!) Other gems are so flexible they’ve been used in most of our projects. Our development philosophies, programming habits, and soul are within this universe of Martian gems. So…

Best Free Tools for Remote Team Collaboration

The answer lies in team collaboration software. These simple but powerful aids act as bridges that allow designers, clients, and stakeholders to share their thoughts in a way that help minimize misunderstandings. You can use them to transform abstract ideas into tangible changes and refine concepts with clear direction.

Building Your Initial Next.js App

Next.js is a popular React framework that enables developers to build fast, SEO-friendly, and scalable web applications. It offers powerful features like server-side rendering, static site generation, and API routes, making it an excellent choice for modern web development. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk through the process of building your first Next.js application from scratch.

Creating Magical Dev Tools

The problem with magic, of course, is that it’s not easy to define—and even harder to replicate. According to Charmaine, it’s tempting to judge the merits of a product based on its UI, but this is, in fact, a trap. “Even the most experienced product managers occasionally forget that a sleeker design doesn’t necessarily equate to a better product for users,” she says. So what does it take to build a developer…

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