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20 Mind-Bending Illusions That Will Make You Question Reality

Mind-bending videos. Divisive Images. Eye-straining visuals. This list of optical illusions has it all. Join us as we melt our brains with 20 of the greatest optical illusions of all time.

Information Architecture Design Step-by-Step

10-step guide on how to design information architecture

NASA brings back retro ‘worm’ logo for upcoming Artemis 2 moon mission (photos)

Artemis 2, the first human moon mission in 50 years, will carry the iconic NASA “worm” logo upon the solid rocket boosters helping to heft the astronauts into space, agency officials stated on Thursday (Feb. 16).

One month with Microsoft’s AI vision of the future: Copilot Pro

Copilot Pro is a $20 per month subscription that includes AI features in Office apps and better image generation tools.  

What’s Coming in WordPress 6.5 (Features and Screenshots)

WordPress has released the beta for the release of version 6.5 for testing. It will be the first major WordPress update of 2024, and many people have done significant work on it.

Gemma: Introducing new state-of-the-art open models

Gemma is built for responsible AI development from the same research and technology used to create Gemini models.

CodeEdit – Elevate your code editing experience

A code editor for macOS built by the community, include syntax highlighting, code completion, project find and replace, snippets, terminal, task running, debugging, git integration, code review, extensions, and more.

My Design System Journey: Building The Plane While Flying

Challenges I faced in Design Systems with Cross-Functional Teams

45 Game-Changing 2024 Figma Plugins You Can’t Miss!

In this post, you’ll find the ultimate collection of 45 popular and practical plugins for Figma in 2024. Carefully curated, these plugins are poised to enhance your workflow, amplify your creativity, and elevate your Figma experience. Dive into this meticulously crafted selection, designed to serve you best in your collaborative design journey with Figma.

This Tiny Website Is Google’s First Line of Defense in the Patent Wars

A trio of Google engineers recently came up with a futuristic way to help anyone who stumbles through presentations on video calls. They propose that when algorithms detect a speaker’s pulse racing or “umms” lengthening, a generative AI bot that mimics their voice could simply take over.

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