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Designing Conversational AI: Best Practices and Tips

This in-depth guide takes you through the three crucial phases of conversational search, revealing how users express their needs, explore results, and refine their queries. Learn how AI agents can overcome communication barriers, personalize the search experience, and adapt to evolving user intent. Discover practical strategies and real-world examples to guide your development of intuitive, effective, and user-centric conversational interfaces.

Make your designs alive

Shadergradient is a new tool to create beautiful, moving gradients. Available on Figma, Framer, and as React component.

Microservices Patterns You Need for System Design Success

Hello friends, if you are preparing for system design interviews then it make sense to prepare for Microservices design patterns as well, not just to do well on interviews or make your architecture more robust but also to understand existing projects.

5 mistakes to avoid when you run UX research

Whether you went through a bootcamp, switched from another research-related career or were self-taught, there’s a good chance that you like some research methods over others.

Best Watercolor Photoshop Actions (2024)

Want your Photoshop images to look like professional watercolor paintings, but don’t want to spend hours editing? In this post, we’ll be sharing the best watercolor Photoshop Actions that can completely transform your images in just a few minutes.

Responsive bar charts in HTML and CSS

The websites we build feature responsive layouts and fluid typography. We employ CSS Flexbox and Grid together with media and container queries to fit in the content. There is not one single fixed presentation, but many possible presentations depending on the content and the reading environment.

How to Create a Horizontal Navigation Bar Using CSS

In web design, a horizontal navigation bar is a fundamental element allowing users to navigate different website sections. Creating a sleek and functional navigation bar using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is relatively straightforward and provides a lot of flexibility in terms of design and responsiveness.

The Founder’s Guide to Mastering Design

Traditionally, most tech leaders have come from engineering backgrounds. On their way to success, they’ve learned important business and leadership skills, honed their communication and management abilities, acquired strategic tactics, and shown interest in understanding the product, marketing, and sales.

Are web components worth it?

In this episode, Jake and Surma chat about web components. Why they were invented, what they’re useful for, and how they would improve.

Creating Compelling TV Apps: Design Tips You Need

Long gone are the days when TVs were just “boxes for watching the news.” With the rise of Smart TVs, the use of TV apps is skyrocketing. In their recent report, Inscape notes that the average number of apps used by a smart TV user has doubled, with viewers in Q3 2023 using an average of 5.4 apps per person, up from 2.6 apps per person in Q4 2021.

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