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Hello History: AI ChatBot

You’ll be able to have in-depth conversations with some influential and fascinating figures from history

Emotional Intelligence for UX designers

Emotional intelligence refers to a person’s ability to recognize and understand their own emotions and the emotions of others, and to use this awareness to manage their own behavior and relationships effectively. As I learned more about emotional intelligence and how it can impact the user experience, I began to realize that my job as a designer was

UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #27

Looking for a fresh burst of animation inspiration? Check out this new collection of creative Dribbble shots.

6 Goals For Product Design Team

Design team goals are a great way to ensure your team is on track to completing the right tasks and to help productivity and focus throughout the whole team. It can sometimes be hard to know how to correctly set goals, however.

Web Design with AI is CRAZY!!! – Full Tutorial

Today we will learn how to create inspiring prototypes for web design with the use of midjourney! AI image generation is really changing the world of programming and design, and I am really excited how far we can take it! AI inspired web design is insane!

Top 10 UX Articles of 2022

The following user-experience articles published in 2022 were the ones our audience read the most:

Atomic UX Research

Atomic UX research is a user experience (UX) research method that focuses on understanding and improving the smallest interaction units within a user interface (UI). It is based on the idea that the most effective way to improve the overall UX of a product is to focus on improving the individual interactions that make up the product.

Search Engine Launches ChatGPT-Style Chatbot, But Don’t Trust It Fully Yet

The site works like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which went viral earlier this year for its unique and realistic responses from a computer program. But be careful about its answers.

AwesomeChatGPT – Curation of awesome ChatGPT prompts ready to use

We have 150+ prompts we have sourced and also have a place for you to submit your own to our community! You can easily find a prompt across different categories, copy to your clipboard, and run it quickly in ChatGPT.

ArtStation is hiding images protesting AI art on the platform

Artists flooded the art portfolio site and marketplace with “No AI Art” protest images after it refused to ban the content.  

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