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Why web design still matters in 2023

Websites, as the keystone of a centralized, privately run digital experience couldn’t be more relevant. Unlike competing technologies, websites allow almost total control of their source code, and that provides an opportunity for skilled designers and developers to compete against the biggest names in their clients’ industries in a way that simply isn’t possible in tightly governed systems like social media.

Starbucks App Problem: One company, multiple apps

I’m sure no matter how much caffeine you consume, if you’re a coffee addict and you always maximize your rewards on the Starbucks app, then you’ve probably noticed that Starbucks App Problem that happens when you travel to a different country where you are permanently located.

The Best Pricing Page Ideas

Find inspiration and expert-approved strategies for your pricing page with Pricing Page Ideas. Our curated collection of SaaS pricing pages helps you make informed decisions about design and pricing models, from freemium to one-time payment.

Microsoft Edge is actually good

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer replacement has more going for it than you think. I’m here to tell you that Microsoft Edge is actually good. As someone that keeps dozens of tabs open at once, Chrome is the obvious choice, but even running a machine with 64GB of RAM would result in the browser locking up when I attempted to close several tabs at once. I knew

The most unbelievable logo fails of 2022

The year is at almost an end, and as we look back at what 2022 has left us, a few logo designs stand out. And not for the right reasons. There were plenty of good logo designs in 2022, but inevitably what we’re most likely to remember are those logo fails that made us laugh or scratch our heads – or both.

PatternedAI – Generate Seamless Patterns with AI

AI-generated seamless patterns. Generate customised designs for your product or service using our AI model. You can also search thousands of royalty-free stock images to use immediately for your own designs.

ChatGPT: Why it’s such a big deal for all industries, and will it kill Google?

ChatGPT can turn one man’s work into the productivity of a collective of people. In this article, I want to discuss what ChatGPT means to the tech industry and society. We will dive into the details of ChatGPT, explain its advantages and downsides, and discuss the overall direction the tech industry is heading.

UI/UX Career: The Pursuit of Mediocrity

In today’s society, we are constantly bombarded with messages about the importance of excellence and the dangers of mediocrity. We are told to aim for the stars, to never settle for less than our best, and to constantly strive for improvement.

Branding for the collective unconscious

How to create a deeper connection with consumers through universally shared archetypes, values, and symbols

Embolden – AI writing for ecommerce stores

Embolden is an AI writer that uses GPT-3 and Language Learning Models to help ecommerce business owners write everything from product descriptions to emails for email marketing, to shipping policies and social media posts.

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