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These are the most hearted Pens of 2023

These are the most hearted Pens of 2023. Remember that you can heart a Pen up to three times. The number itself is how many people hearted the Pen, but the ranking takes into account heart-levels as well.

CSS-only loader configurators

LoaderShip is the ultimate CSS-only loader configuration tool that allows you to effortlessly customize and generate stunning loaders for your website. Simply Copy & Paste without any installation or dependency hassle.

10 Best Websites for Free HTML Templates Vanilla CSS

This is a curated roundup of the best websites where you can download HTML templates for free. More specifically vanilla CSS templates that don’t rely on any frameworks.

Making CSS View Transitions Easy with Velvette

Learn how to effortlessly implement smooth CSS view-transitions with Velvette, a useful library designed to tackle common challenges and enhance user experiences in web applications.

Locofy.ai Launches AI-Powered Web Design-to-Code Tool, Locofy Lightning

This tool transforms Figma designs into web code, aiming to ease global software developer shortage.

The Complex But Awesome CSS border-image Property

The CSS border-image property is one of those properties you undoubtedly know exists but may not have ever reached for. Or maybe you have reached for it but found all of its slicing logic difficult and cumbersome.

Top Front-End Tools Of 2023

Who doesn’t love a good front-end tool? In this roundup, you’ll find useful front-end tools that were popular last year and will help you speed up your development workflow. Let’s dive in!

Grids and key shapes

Embracing order, one pixel at a time  

5 Coding Tasks ChatGPT Can’t Do

This is a pretty good list of what ChatGPT can’t do. But it’s not exhaustive. ChatGPT can generate pretty good code from scratch, but it can’t do anything that would take your job.

Website scaling essentials: 6 ways to expand and grow a site

Discover the advantages of various website scaling approaches and explore techniques for effective load management to accommodate more visitors.

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