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10-year-old Teddy petitions Apple to redesign the ‘nerd face’ emoji: ‘It’s making me feel sad and upset’

Teddy, a 10-year-old Apple fan from the UK, has started a petition calling on Apple to redesign the “nerd face” glasses emoji. Teddy believes that the nerd face emoji’s prominent front teeth make it “absolutely horrible for people wearing glasses.”  

Amazon Introduces Its Own AI Image Generator, And It Can Edit Pics Too

The all-new Titan Image Generator turns English language text prompts into detailed images, and is said to be handy asset for those in advertising, e-commerce, and entertainment, enabling them to whip up “studio-quality” images quickly and without breaking the bank.

11 Best ChatGPT WordPress Plugins (Compared)

A WordPress ChatGPT plugin allows you to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into your website. This can provide a more interactive and personalized experience to your users, increasing engagement and traffic. It can also help you generate content and increase your productivity.

Webbie UI – 32 customizable React & Tailwind components

32 free UI components for React and Tailwind. Easily customize all components at once with design system controls, and optionally tweak the code to make it right. Accessible, variants, dark mode, no lock-in.

Free Profile Picture Generator

Create a cute avatar from your photo. Powered by DALL-E 3. We’ll analyse your photo, describe it in words, and generate a new image from scratch.

SDXL Turbo Playground

Experience SDXL Turbo for free: Real-time, high-quality image generation using ADD technology. Generate detailed 512×512 images fast and free at Ideal for gaming, VR, and content creation, with easy, login-free access.

Typography essentials

How to get ahead of 99% of UI designers? Honor your typography skills!

New Font Foundry from Uruguay

Reset is a new independent type studio from Montevideo, Uruguay. – Text prompt to SVG illustration

Discover the power of AI with our Free Text-to-SVG Generator! Effortlessly convert your text prompts into stunning SVG images. Coming features: – New models – Categories – Multiple results from all categories

What can designers learn from Disney’s 12 principles of animation?

Disney’s 12 principles of animation might be some of the most influential tenets in the history of design. Here, Connective3’s Lucy Selley boils them down to 4 lessons for modern designers.

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