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CSS-only loader configurators

LoaderShip is the ultimate CSS-only loader configuration tool that allows you to effortlessly customize and generate stunning loaders for your website. Simply Copy & Paste without any installation or dependency hassle.

Notion Calendar

Meet Notion Calendar — integrated and synced with all your Google Calendar events.

The Diagram that Shows the Value of Great UX

One of the questions I get an awful lot these days is, “How do we show that a great experience produces immense value for the organization?”

10 Best Websites for Free HTML Templates Vanilla CSS

This is a curated roundup of the best websites where you can download HTML templates for free. More specifically vanilla CSS templates that don’t rely on any frameworks. – It’s been a great run!

Designer News is transforming and joining the We Work Remotely family. Soon Designer News will no longer be available but we have great news, with the power of We Work Remotely, we’ll still help you find and list the best remote jobs.

10+ Inspiring Web Design Blogs to Follow in 2024

In this post, we highlight the most inspiring and useful web design blogs you should follow this year.

Case Study: Physica Magazine. Website Design and Graphics for Scientific Blog

Our new case study unveils the project made at the crossroads of art and science: welcome to take a look at the creative process and solutions for Physica Magazine, the scientific blog wrapped in artistic, eye-catching, and functional web design by the tubik agency team.

Making CSS View Transitions Easy with Velvette

Learn how to effortlessly implement smooth CSS view-transitions with Velvette, a useful library designed to tackle common challenges and enhance user experiences in web applications.

Adobe Firefly is doing generative AI differently and it may even be good for you

Using your own Stock

AI Art is the new stock image

AI images are quick and easy to make. They look great at first sight, and they quickly replaced the use of stock images. But, like everything cheap and easy, they come with trade-offs. A short critique of the pure AI image.

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