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The Problem With Bad Error Messages (And How to Fix Them)

UX writing lessons from an ugly encounter at a bank

Google Sells Its Databank of More Than 10 Million Domain Names to Squarespace

For a reported $180 million, Google will transfer millions of customers from its domain registrar to help “sharpen” its focus.

The Reddit Blackout: How Bad UX Triggered a User Uprising

Learn about the user revolt and blackout on Reddit caused by bad user experiences and unreasonable API pricing. Find out why third-party Reddit apps are preferred and how Reddit’s pricing harms designers and developers and forces users to inferior UX.

When I lost my job, I learned to code. Now AI doom mongers are trying to scare me all over again

Silicon Valley wants to make us believe humans are predictable and our skills replaceable. I’ve learned that’s nonsense

Adobe says it will cover legal bills for its AI tool

Adobe is so confident that copyright law won’t be an issue for users of their new generative AI-powered “Firefly” product that they’ve promised to cover any and all copyright-related legal costs that users might incur as a result of using it.

The Design of Apple’s Vision Pro Goggles

A look at the decisions the designers had to make

I made $250,000 in sales last year making digital templates and usually work 4 hours a day

In Romania, I pivoted my freelancing efforts from creating printable graphics to designing templates for clients’ branding, web design, and 3D design.

So, Who Owns a Photo Expanded by Adobe Generative Fill?

By this point, you’ve probably seen Adobe’s beta of Generative Fill in Photoshop, which allows you to expand a photo beyond its original borders. It is an incredible feat of technology, but brings up complicated questions: who owns that new, expanded photo? Is it copyrightable?

Every design team needs writers

The secret behind great brands and products.

Reddit’s new API pricing could kill its most popular app with a $20 million bill

Apollo is an extremely popular Reddit client. It could cease to exist thanks to Reddit’s API pricing plan.

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