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Inside the Mind of Top 1% Product Designers

In the realm of product design, I’ve come to recognise that there’s a unique blend of skills and perspectives that distinguish the top 1% of designers. It’s not a secret formula, but a mindset and approach that can be cultivated.  

Adobe’s Hilarious ‘Office Space’ Sendup Starring Hasan Minhaj Is a Tribute to 30 Years of the PDF

Minhaj talks to Adweek about how PDFs play a pivotal role in his life

AI doesn’t possess the skills of a UX designer. Get ahead of the “AI will take my job” crowd.

To be sure, I asked ChatGPT itself and it didn’t disappoint me…

What is Content Decay? (And How to Fix It)

Content decay is the decline in organic traffic and search rankings over time. Unless you update the content, you will continue to lose rankings and traffic.

How to Make a Payment Service Like Cash App?

Are you tired of grappling with clunky payment processes, frustrated customers, and missed growth opportunities? It’s time to revolutionize the way you handle transactions and take your business to new heights.

TikTok could launch an online store next month

The company has been pushing its e-commerce business on its app, most recently with an in-app shopping feature for brands.

Junk News Sites Are Abusing Ad Systems With AI-Generated Content

Content farms using chatbots like ChatGPT have exploded in prevalence and threatens the lifeblood of the internet.

10 JavaScript Tricky Questions to Prep for Interviews

10 JavaScript Questions worth trying.

Photographers Upset That Adobe Firefly AI is Competing Against Them

Photographers and creators have raised concerns over Adobe’s Firefly accusing the software giant of setting up competition against them without being paid for it.

Google has a secret browser hidden inside the settings

I recently discovered a secret browser located inside the “Manage my account” popup that Android has in various apps (quite important apps, such as Settings, and all Google suite apps). The browser even bypasses parental control!

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