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The rise of the design founder

Issue 149: On entering an era of designers building companies (and it’s exciting)

Lessons from a Laid off web developer

To be honest, the layoff didn’t come as a shock. Over the past few weeks, I noticed that my workload was gradually decreasing. I went from worrying about meeting deadlines to spending hours documenting my work.

Reddit Communities Switching to NSFW as a Form of Protest

Subreddits switching to NSFW mode as a form of protest because Reddit can’t serve ads if the community is tagged as NSFW

92% of US-based developers already using AI-powered coding tools at work: GitHub report

According to the findings, 92% of developers already use AI-powered coding tools in their work. Yet despite investments in DevOps, developers still face challenges.

Apple is trying to trademark depictions of actual apples

Apple has been trying to trademark the apple in Switzerland since 2017 and has launched similar applications in several other countries.

Reddit communities adopt alternative forms of protest as the company threats action on moderators

Multiple subreddits are adopting alternative methods of protesting like publishing only one kind of post, changing the topic in focus, and days when the community turns private.

Wes Anderson inspired Slack themes, click to copy

11 Slack themes inspired by each of Wes Anderson’s films. With the worldwide release of Wes Anderson’s newest film “Asteroid City” this Friday, spend the week working in whimsical Wes Anderson style.

How Canva, a $40 Billion Design Startup, Optimizes its Landing Page to Increase Conversions*

Canva’s landing page is a high-converting, well-designed page that has been iterated on over time on its road to becoming a $40 billion startup.

The Problem With Bad Error Messages (And How to Fix Them)

UX writing lessons from an ugly encounter at a bank

Google Sells Its Databank of More Than 10 Million Domain Names to Squarespace

For a reported $180 million, Google will transfer millions of customers from its domain registrar to help “sharpen” its focus.

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