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90% of designers are unhirable?

Or why your cookie-cutter portfolio doesn’t cut it and how to fix it

DevBuddies – Where developers work together on their side projects

DevBuddies is a place focussed on developers looking for other developers or people in the fields of design, marketing, entrepreneurship and coaching/mentoring.

A day in the life of a UX Designer

My name is Gonçalo, and this article will take you through a day in the life of a UX Designer at Pixelmatters.

Is coding dead, Nvidia CEO has concerns

In a thought-provoking departure from conventional wisdom, Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang recently sparked a debate at the World Government Summit in Dubai, challenging the entrenched belief in the necessity of coding skills for the younger generation.

Reviewing the Terms & Conditions of popular generative AI tools

AI and designers: the ethical and legal implications.

Stack Overflow to charge LLM developers for access to its coding content

No more freebies – Google signs up to improve Gemini’s programming abilities

6 Best AI Productivity Apps in 2024

There’s no escaping it: if you want to be successful, you need to be productive. The more you work, the more you progress, which for many people means long days, working evenings, and weekends. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

ConveyUX: Three Conversations in Design

In his Three Conversations in Design presentation at Convey UX Andrew Hogan shared trends in user experience jobs, scaling, and the impact of AI on designers. Here are my notes from his talk:

Where I’m at on the whole CSS-Tricks thing

It was March 2022 when I sold CSS-Tricks to DigitalOcean. So it’s been just about 2 years now…

Tumblr and WordPress to follow Reddit in selling user data for AI training

Automattic, which owns Tumblr and WordPress, is in talks with Midjourney and OpenAI to sell data from user posts to train artificial intelligence systems.

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