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Learn how to speak a new language like a local with Babbel Sponsored

Babbel is the top language-learning app that helps users start speaking a new tongue in just three weeks. That’s because Babbel goes far beyond just vocabulary; it’s about preparing to have real-life exchanges with locals through lessons. Take up to 55% off when you start your language learning journey today.

Best Pingdom Alternatives in 2023

If you are one of those who are looking for Pingdom alternatives concerning monitoring and observability functionalities, we are here to help you. We have compiled a list of the top application performance monitoring solutions that are the best Pingdom alternatives in 2023.

10Web.Tools – Useful free web tools & utilities to make life easier

10Web.Tools is a collection of useful tools and utilities that people often search for on the internet. It has 80+ free web tools on the web that you can use for a variety of purposes, including website development, online marketing, and day-to-day tasks.

Mobile UX: Study Guide

Unsure where to start? Use this collection of links to our articles and videos to learn how to write and present information that aligns with users’ needs and online behaviors.

Top Front-End Tools Of 2022

Who doesn’t love a good front-end tool? In this roundup, you’ll find a nice list of useful front-end tools that were popular last year but are still bound to help you speed up and enhance your development workflow. Let’s dive in!

Replicating the Light Effect from MIDWAM with Three.js and Postprocessing

In this coding session, we’ll use Three.js and postprocessing to recreate the beautiful light effects featured on Midwam’s website.

Understanding Authentication In Websites: A Banking Analogy

There is a strange ritual that web developers around the world have been perpetuating from the dawn of computers to modern days. This ritual is the implementation of authentication. This article is Eric Burel’s attempt at making this ritual less obscure. You’ll learn about tokens, authorization, CORS, credentials, HTTP headers, and such. It shouldn’t have to take a wizard to implement a good authentication system. Just a good banker!

RunCode – Collaborative cloud development environment

RunCode offers online developer workspaces, which are environments that allow you to work on code projects in a web browser.

HTTPie AI – A new way to interact with APIs

HTTPie AI is a new way to interact with APIs. It’s built into HTTPie for Web & Desktop and uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to increase your productivity when testing and talking to APIs.

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