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Adobe’s new prototype generative AI tool is the ‘Photoshop’ of music-making and editing

Project Music GenAI Control can generate audio using text prompts and provides editing features to customize the results within the same workflow.

Usable Internet

The Internet is very powerful. Despite its ability and usefulness as a tool, recent trends and standards have rendered this globally available and enhancing technology into a space that is unpredictable and frustrating from a user experience.

Make Your Code Great Again

A strategy for applying new or strict linting rules to existing code without loss of development

The Wax and the Wane of the Web

I offer a single bit of advice to friends and family when they become new parents: When you start to think that you’ve got everything figured out, everything will change.

Where I’m at on the whole CSS-Tricks thing

It was March 2022 when I sold CSS-Tricks to DigitalOcean. So it’s been just about 2 years now…

F. C. Variable: Rob en Robin create customisable illustrations inspired by variable fonts

The worlds of illustration and variable fonts collide in a new project from creative duo Rob en Robin titled F. C. Variable. In it, the pair explore how users can manipulate exported images to create customisable results.  

Yes, YouTube has a new UI. Yes, it’s terrible

“This is almost impressively bad.”

Microsoft Word’s Subtle Typeface Change Affected Millions. Did You Notice?

A change in Microsoft Word’s default typeface, from Calibri to Aptos, didn’t register for everyone, but fans of typography got excited.

Tumblr and WordPress to follow Reddit in selling user data for AI training

Automattic, which owns Tumblr and WordPress, is in talks with Midjourney and OpenAI to sell data from user posts to train artificial intelligence systems.

How my dream design job turned into a nightmare

Or why you should quit your dead-end job before it’s too late

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