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Revisiting Apple’s ill-fated Lisa computer, 40 years on

On its 40th anniversary, we look back at the machine that brought the GUI to personal computers.  

10 Font Trends 2023: The Year of User-Oriented Typography

If you need a trouble-free method to understand what the design industry is up to, look at the typography trends. Fonts are like friends, they never lie.

Can Designers Make the Metaverse Less Awkward?

After Mark Zuckerberg announced expansion plans in summer 2022 for Meta’s virtual reality platform, Horizon Worlds, critics took to social media. They compared the platform’s graphics to those of Second Life, an early 2000s life simulation game: The avatars were legless. The Eiffel Tower sat at the base of a bubbly, pixelated hillside. There was no way the design would be accepted by gamers who had seen what was possible…

AI art generators face separate copyright lawsuits from Getty Images and a group of artists

On Tuesday, Getty Images filed a lawsuit against Stability AI, the company behind AI art tool Stable Diffusion, alleging it used copyrighted images to train software.  

TikTok knows you’re using it as a search engine. It’s even made an ad.

Nearly 40 percent of young people turn to TikTok or Instagram as a search tool, shunning Google.

Wikipedia’s new look makes it easier to use for everyone

If you are a reader of Wikipedia on desktop, you might have noticed something new over the past couple of days. The website looks a bit different — it’s simpler; less cluttered; and, hopefully, easier to use. After three years of development, the Wikimedia Foundation has finally released the updated desktop interface for Wikipedia. The new look went live today on English Wikipedia, during the month of its 22nd birthday,…

Code Documentation, Streamlined

Writing code documentation can be overwhelming when there’s no smooth process in place. Streamlining best practices and setting automation in your favor works a long way toward getting permanently up-to-date content that reflects the important pieces of your codebase.

Analytics are leaving out user intent: UX benchmarking can help

Using analytics alone to measure UX misses key navigational data you need to know about your product.

Anyfront – Deploy any front-end web application on any cloud platform

Deploy any front-end web application on any cloud platform with minimal configuration. Anyfront orchestrates tools like Terraform, Docker and other CLIs to simplify deploying your React/Next/Svelte/Vue/etc application on any cloud platform

FWA’s Rob Ford Interview

Rob Ford, founder of the FWA, best-selling author, and mental health campaigner opens up about living through several digital revolutions, his all-time favorite websites, the integration of AI, dealing with the haters, growing trees, and making music.  

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