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Adobe Substance 3D explores what’s taking shape at the intersection of 3D art and technology

Demand for 3D is increasing across creative sectors and a new education project explores the extraordinary movements, trends, and bodies of work that capture this moment.  

How Optimized Videos Create a Better User Experience

When videos move at a snail’s pace, take an age to load, or stall throughout playback, they bore and frustrate your users—who don’t tend to come back. But what is video optimization, how can you optimize your videos, and, even more importantly, how can optimized videos create a better user experience? Let’s find out.

Should inclusive design be a UX concern? *

Designing for disabilities is gaining some traction but designing for inclusiveness of other aspects of our identities — our race/ethnicity, gender, skin color, age, size, sexual orientation — is still widely overlooked.

Ageism, Netflix’s mistake, board game UX, conditional logic in Figma

Weekly curated resources for designers — thinkers and makers.

Tropicalism: A Design Trend Coming Back in 2023

Tropicalism is a design trend that we are already seeing quite a bit of in 2023. You’ll know it thanks to bright colors, fun illustrations, and a breezy feel that makes you think of summer (and maybe a cold drink).

How To Build A Magazine Layout With CSS Grid Areas

Web development, especially what you can do with CSS, has become increasingly complex. With the added capabilities of CSS Grid, it is now possible to achieve layouts that look like they were laid out by hand. Let’s tackle a practical example of how to do something like that.

Pixels of the Month: Ryan Reynolds, ChatGPT and Viva Magenta!

In other words, another month filled with amazing new design discoveries, some of which are listed below.

The rise of digital accessibility: building the business case

Accessible products are not niche if we look to take into consideration the accessibility persona spectrum. The persona spectrum reminds us that accessible design includes everyone and splits individuals into three key accessibility segments…

Techcopes – The best free online SEO tools you will ever need

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Youtube Channel with These Must-Have Free Online SEO Tools and more

Find used fonts on any website with

Enter a website URL and our tool will analyze the fonts used on the site and display them for you to view. This can be useful for web designers and developers looking to learn more about the typography used on a specific website.

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