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This might be the coolest design portfolio you’ll ever see

Paris-based creative developer Bruno Simon has certainly created one of the most fun design portfolios out there, letting the user drive a virtual car between his projects and experience using a keyboard. It’s a delightfully slick 3D experience!

Designing Amazing UXUI for Voice Interfaces

The rise of virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, as well as the increasing popularity of chatbots, has created a demand for effective and intuitive user experiences in voice and conversational interfaces.

Creating a New Reality: The Role of 3D Design in the Metaverse

3D systems for the metaverse enable the creation of virtual environments for a variety of purposes, including socialization and business.

ColorMagic – Generate ideal color palettes with the power of AI

ColorMagic is a color palette generator with GPT-3 AI. Just enter a color mood or image in text to generate a ready-to-use color palette. You can easily select colors for presentation slides, web design, graphic design & more!

Stellar: A new home for the best freelance creatives

Stellar is a new platform that solves this issue, connecting serious design-minded businesses to expert freelancers. The platform features an exclusive group of hand-picked freelancers across branding, photography, web design, product design, illustration, motion, and copywriting. It is invite-only, guaranteeing quality at every turn.

Shortage of Interaction Design in a world obsessed with Design Systems

Unfortunately, for the majority of cases, Interaction patterns are scarce or left out in DS unless you’re Google’s Material DS or IBM’s Carbon DS. In short, there are too many DS which are heavy in Visual design, and too light on interaction guidelines.

Major leak reveals revolutionary new version of Microsoft Bing powered by ChatGPT-4 AI

It looks like Microsoft is gearing up to launch a major new version of Bing that integrates OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 technology in a way that will revolutionize searching the web. Multiple users have reported seemingly stumbling across a preview version of the new Bing earlier today before Microsoft quickly shut it down.

A Fancy Hover Effect For Your Avatar

Do you know that kind of effect where someone’s head is poking through a circle or hole? The famous Porky Pig animation where he waves goodbye while popping out of a series of red rings is the perfect example, and Kilian Valkhof actually re-created that here on CSS-Tricks a while back.

I tried using ChatGPT to write this article

At first glance, the result was pretty impressive. Had I chosen to submit the article that ChatGPT had written, nobody would guess that a computer program spits it out in 15 seconds

Every designer should have this skill: Storytelling in UX

At first glance, UX design only offers a little freedom for storytelling. But that’s a misconception. After all, good stories skillfully convey ideas, captivate people, bring products or apps popularity and recognition, and are as memorable as possible.

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