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Personas Are Living Documents: Design Them to Evolve

We sometimes think of personas as final artifacts, when, in reality, personas are merely a representation of data, and data can change. An artifact that is too polished or difficult to update may result in an outdated and unused persona.

Design your product for Gen-z generation.

Designing for Gen Z users involves understanding their values, preferences, and behaviors, and creating products and experiences that resonate with them. Here are some tips for designing for Gen Z:

RunCode – Collaborative cloud development environment

RunCode offers online developer workspaces, which are environments that allow you to work on code projects in a web browser.

All Things AI

The Complete Resource Of Artificial Intelligence Tools & Services

10 Windows Interfaces That Are Burned Into Your Brain Forever

Take a trip down memory lane with a few Microsoft-y images that you will never, ever be able to forget, for better or for worse.

Did you actually LOL? This device can tell

Do you laugh out loud every time you type “LOL” in a text? Chances are, you’re probably a bit of a liar, like almost everyone else on this planet who uses “LOL” (or “lol”) on a regular basis. That’s because “LOL” has long devolved from an actual signifier of laughter to a mere social buffer, a filler word, a punctuation. But one designer is here to

Life being a UX designer 

And if anything goes wrong, the designer is out…

EffortlessEmail – AI-powered email creation at your fingertip

EffortlessEmail adds smart AI functionality straight into your Gmail User Interface or your Browser. It turns bullet points into a fully-formulated Email.

DoNotPay’s ‘Robot Lawyer’ Is Gearing Up for Its First U.S. Court Case

The AI legal assistant has helped people contest parking tickets, now it’s leveling up to the courtroom—and the judge doesn’t know.

Case Study: CSConnect. Website Design for Immersive Experience Marketing Platform

Check the creative story of bright, user-friendly, and informative website design for CSConnect, the service of immersive visual experiences for marketing.  

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