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Grid Flow Animation

A loading and navigation animation where thumbnails “flow” into a grid.

WordPress 6.3 Live Product Demo – Highlights & Recording

WordPress 6.3 ships on August 8th! For a sneak peek of what’s to come, members of the 6.3 release squad, Anne McCarthy and Rich Tabor, held a live demo moderated by Nathan Wrigley.

Introduction to Web 5.0

The conceptualization of Web 5.0 is the culmination of multiple phases of web development. Any detailed outline of Web 5.0 would also emphasize the evolution between web versions.  A concise overview of the evolution of the Internet over time is provided below:

Recreating YouTube’s Ambient Mode Glow Effect

Discover with Adrian what’s behind the charming glow effect on Youtube and how you can use it to make your own videos more immersive. Deconstruct YouTube’s “Ambient Mode” feature and learn how HTML <canvas> and the requestAnimationFrame function are used to create this glowing effect.

Collective #774

Quirky, vibrant, and full of delightful surprises, Lief Amsterdam is our website of the week! With its stunning color palette, unconventional layouts, and smooth effects, it offers a truly unique browsing experience.

Good code is like a love letter to the next developer who will maintain it.

I say “good code is like a love letter to the next developer who will maintain it”. It is an intimate correspondence, from one developer to another, spanning time and space.

No More Secrets

This project provides a command line tool called nms that recreates the famous data decryption effect seen on screen in the 1992 hacker movie Sneakers. For reference, you can see this effect at 0:35 in this movie clip.

Google will switch on its cookie-replacing tools for Chrome developers next week

The search giant will start enabling its new privacy-focused APIs on July 24th, with the goal of phasing out third-party cookies entirely by Q3 2024.

Scroll-Based Layout Animations

An exploration of different scroll based layout switch animations using GSAP’s ScrollTrigger and Flip.

Wix will let you build an entire website using only AI prompts

Wix already has several AI generation options for site creation, but now, it’s betting on algorithms over templates to build a custom site for you.

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