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Inspirational Websites Roundup #48

A carefully selected compilation of websites with really good web designs that have caught our attention over the past few weeks.

What is an Email Footer? The Ultimate Guide with Examples

What makes an email design transparent and intuitive for subscribers? What reinforces an overall impression with strong messaging? What allows companies to send regulation-compliant emails? The answer to these questions is the email footer.

Exciting New Tools for Designers, August 2023

Even the most extensive toolbox needs a refresh from time to time, so we’ve rounded up a selection of new tools for you to try.

Collective #776

A cool futuristic design with so many interesting details and animations that will make you enjoy every bit you scroll.

No exit — every feed is a traffic jam

Infinitely scrolling down alternative feeds is getting us nowhere. To reinvent social media, we must imagine new socials.

Fitbit app gets a major redesign with an emphasis on simplicity

It’s in beta now with an official release coming this fall.

Wix Studio Offers Freelancers & Agencies Way To Scale Business

Wix Studio offers freelancers and agencies the opportunity to scale their businesses and take on more clients

Introducing Wix Studio, the Ultimate Web Creation Platform for Agencies and Freelancers

Wix Studio marks a significant evolution in web creation for agencies, delivering a revolutionary platform that combines AI-powered features, the latest design and development capabilities and seamless workflows for multi-site management to help agencies create projects with greater quality and velocity  

Rethinking Window Management

Over the decades, different OSes have added different tools and workflows to deal with these issues, including workspaces, taskbars, and switchers. However, the basic primitives have not changed since the 70s and, as a result, the issues have never gone away.

Reddit updates its site design for logged-out users

Reddit is rolling out a number of updates to its website for logged-out users, including improved performance, a more helpful search results page and better communities and related post suggestions.

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