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The Next Generation of Web Layouts

Who will design the next generation of readable, writerly web layouts? Who will design them? Layouts for sites that are mostly writing. Designed by people who love writing. Where text can be engaging even if it isn’t offset by art or photography. Where text is the point. With well considered flexible typesetting, modular scaling, and readable measures across a full…

UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #36

Get inspired by selected motion designs and UI interaction works of amazing designers on Dribbble.

Substack’s redesign makes it feel like a more traditional social media app

Substack’s app feels pretty familiar, but maybe that’s a good thing.

AI Website in 30 seconds

AI website & landing pages in 30 seconds— 1 free website for 100 years. -No drag & drop. Click to shuffle High-converting layouts. -FREE hosting, SEO, unlimited stock pics & videos. -Email collection form. A/B testing & simple analytics. -Multilingual pages.

How Smashing Magazine Uses TinaCMS To Manage An Editorial Workflow

In 2019, Smashing Magazine adopted a static site architecture, resulting in a 6× improvement in page speed but sacrificing some writing and editing bells and whistles that come with a bona fide content management system. Now, with the recent integration of TinaCMS, Smashing Magazine enjoys the best of both worlds — the performance benefits of static assets and the writing experience that helps streamline the editing process. This article is…

The 20 Most Controversial Logos of All Time (Ranked)

When you hire graphic designers to create your company’s logo, what do you expect? Professional designs, culturally sensitive icons, creativity, and originality don’t sound like too big an ask. Unfortunately, these brands got more than they bargained for.

Collective #782

A mind-bending immersive website that blends amazing 3D animations with well crafted design elements. Hats off to the Lusion team for this epic work!

6 web design styles that are uniquely Japan

When browsing for web design inspiration from Japan with the web design galleries that I previously introduced, I found a few design characteristics that are truly unique in Japan and not commonly seen in English-based website. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

20 Best New Websites, September 2023

Are you in need of design inspiration? Are you looking for the best websites designed in 2023 to pull ideas, techniques, and trends from? Do you just love web design and enjoy seeing what’s out there? Whatever your reason for being here, welcome!

Collective #781

A well-thought design with buttery smooth animations and stunning graphics. Our pick this week.

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