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Netflix launches ‘Black Mirror’-style Streamberry site.

Netflix has a promotional website(opens in a new tab) that lets you “sign up” to Streamberry, which looks extremely similar to Netflix’s own website.

A digital archive of graphic design related items that are available on the Internet Archives

This collection is compiled and curated by Valery Marier. It is a labour of love ran in her free time.

Design trends and cycles in UI/UX, the history of art, and typography

Let’s explore design trends in UI/UX design, the history of art, and typography in our in-depth post covering millennia of human creativity by our Lead Designer, Hrvoje.

Apple is trying to trademark depictions of actual apples

Apple has been trying to trademark the apple in Switzerland since 2017 and has launched similar applications in several other countries.

15 Best New Fonts, June 2023

Choosing the right font is essential not just because it conveys a tone of voice or a personality for your text but because some typefaces are more simply more readable than others. We write this roundup of the best new fonts we’ve found online each month, to give you a place to start.

Antiques Roadshow shocks designer of original Beatles logo with value of his sketches

The old friend of the band was a sign writer and designed the logo as a favor in 1962.

It’s time for dimensional thinking in design

Einstein’s theory was the golden moment of the 20th century. Generative spatial computing would be the next golden moment for the 21st century.

Intel rebrand

For only the third time in history, Intel evolved their iconic logo and revitalized their brand. The new logo is simple, confident and transformational. It represents a dramatic simplification of the Intel brand identity.

Free Faces

This website is a curated collection of typefaces that are available under a variety of free licences somewhere on the interwebs.

Gestalt Principles of Design — Closure

The mind is capable of perceiving more information than what is actually visible.

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