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Reddit updates its site design for logged-out users

Reddit is rolling out a number of updates to its website for logged-out users, including improved performance, a more helpful search results page and better communities and related post suggestions.

Move fast and beat Musk: The inside story of how Meta built Threads

A company in crisis went back to basics to deliver a viral hit. But can Adam Mosseri’s bare-bones Twitter clone reinvigorate an aging tech giant?

Lena Weber’s animated typeface is a celebration of digital gradients

“Designing a typeface is really just a scavenger hunt for problems, especially if you’re trying to realise something a bit unconventional.”

Design Trend: Zig-Zag Patterns and Alignments (Where Is the Grid?)

Smaller images, animation, and plenty of wild patterns are what you’ll find in this website design trend that’s popping up all over the place.

Adobe Firefly users generate more than 1 billion images in just 3 months

History has been made for Adobe as it celebrates its most succesful Beta launch ever – all thanks to AI

Adapting typography to user preferences with CSS

A method to adapt a font to your users’ preferences, so they’re maximally comfortable reading your content.

The future of design systems is semantic

Variables, one of Figma’s newest features, help you streamline designs and connect more closely to code, but what do they tell us about larger shifts in the industry? We dig into what they might signal for the future of design systems.  

Collective #775

Gotta love this design! It has so much personality and a unqiue vintage touch, the perfect fit for the brand it represents. Amazing work by Thom Aufresne with lots of lovely micro interactions.

Online Reactions to Twitter Rebranding As X

On Monday, the microblogging platform Twitter underwent a striking rebranding, becoming “X” after owner Elon Musk’s unexpected decision to rename the company and transform it into the AI-powered “everything app.” The Internet was abuzz with reactions to this spontaneous and rapid change. Here’s a scoop on some of them.

Uplifting Shopify Polaris

The process of evolving a large scale design system

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