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How to Design Fonts: Has Blaze Type created the most accessible typography guide?

Want to get into font design but feel confused by the craft? French type design foundry Blaze Type has put together a straightforward guide to demystify typography and make the practice accessible to everyone.  

I tried Photoshop’s new generative AI tools. They’re not going to steal your design job—yet

Adobe’s Firefly Photoshop integration has a few useful features that will make creatives’ lives easier, but it still has a long way to go.

Captivating logo design, branding, and UX for NEW BANK

The logo depicts a minimalist representation of a bank vault, symbolizing security and trust, while the addition of the handwritten elements adds a personal and approachable aspect, making users feel connected and valued.

Decoding the future: the evolution of intelligent interfaces

What happens when we move beyond our screens and unleash computing power, the internet, and AI into the real world? It starts to get interesting.

Pentagram puts focus back on Lambie-Nairn logo in Channel 4 rebrand

4creative and Hudson-Powell expand the much-loved Brody Associates typeface, redraw the 4 mark and introduce a brand “universe” built on gradients.

I Just Tried Photoshop’s New AI Tool. It Makes Photos Creative, Funny, or Unreal

Adobe’s Firefly generative AI tool offers a new way to fiddle with photos. Expect a lot of fun and fakery.

Animated SVG icons

Loaf is a library of 900+ SVG animations. It is packaged into an easy-to-use app! Use it to quickly find an animation, make some small adjustments and plug it into whatever project you are working on! It’s free to get started!

15 Best New Fonts, May 2023

The choices you make when selecting a typeface have more impact on your design than almost any other decision, so it’s good to have some options at hand.

Adobe brings Generative AI to Photoshop

Branding assets and original imagery is now just a text instruction away in the world’s leading imaging application.

Lineicons 4 – 8400+ handcrafted SVG icons for designers & developers

Lineicons is a comprehensive pack of 8,400+ diverse, handcrafted, and beautifully designed SVG icons, perfect for modern UI design and development projects. Comes in multiple variations, and is available in various formats such as – SVG, Icon Font, Figma, etc.

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