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Top AI News, June 2024

In this monthly roundup, we highlight the top AI news stories from June.

Building Mature Design Systems

A proven, comprehensive guide to design system maturity and growth beyond accessibility, interaction design and digital branding.

Fluid Laws of Product Designers

After almost a decade of working on digital products across various industries, meeting almost 100+ leading designers from different fields, and going through 10,000+ portfolios in the last 3 years of Fluidesigns, our founder astutely recognized a recurring pattern of feedback. This invaluable insight emerged as a guiding compass when empowering both aspiring and seasoned designers to elevate their Product Design prowess, specifically in the realm of UI/UX Design.

What Is Bauhaus Graphic Design?

Bauhaus is one of the most popular design trends known for its unique, abstract style that has inspired many creative designs from brand identities to marketing materials and more

Design Guidelines for Icons

The icons are designed to be displayed at 24 x 24 dp (density-independent pixels), ensuring optimal clarity and detail.

The Impact of AI on Online Content Ownership

These days, large companies are trying to stake a claim. Social media has been doing this for years. And now artificial intelligence (AI) is putting the practice into overdrive.

NOOMO Labs: Leading the Future of Immersive Experiences

We are excited to share a new immersive 3D website for Noomo Labs — a place for cutting-edge immersive experiences, 3D websites, AR activations, and interactive web experiences.

Designing Conversational AI: Best Practices and Tips

This in-depth guide takes you through the three crucial phases of conversational search, revealing how users express their needs, explore results, and refine their queries. Learn how AI agents can overcome communication barriers, personalize the search experience, and adapt to evolving user intent. Discover practical strategies and real-world examples to guide your development of intuitive, effective, and user-centric conversational interfaces.

Microservices Patterns You Need for System Design Success

Hello friends, if you are preparing for system design interviews then it make sense to prepare for Microservices design patterns as well, not just to do well on interviews or make your architecture more robust but also to understand existing projects.

Best Watercolor Photoshop Actions (2024)

Want your Photoshop images to look like professional watercolor paintings, but don’t want to spend hours editing? In this post, we’ll be sharing the best watercolor Photoshop Actions that can completely transform your images in just a few minutes.

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