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macOS redesign is coming, but not this year

Maybe Apple will fix the System Settings design.

Special report: how design agencies are actually using AI in 2024

Forget the hype: how are AI tools actually being employed in the creative world right now? For this special report, we spoke to more than 25 creative agencies to find out.  

Cartoonifier: Create cartoon characters of yourself with AI

Ever imagined yourself and your loved ones as characters in a whimsical cartoon world? Dive into a realm of joy and transform everyday smiles into animated delight!

The Copyright Debate in Generative AI: Challenges, Expert Perspectives and Predictions

We take a closer look at industry legal practices, seeking to grasp how authors and companies endeavor to tilt the scales in their favor and discuss predictions, providing insights into the potential future trajectory of copyright issues in the GenAI field.

CNET Has a Bold New Look. Here’s Why…

We’ve updated our design for more pop and more purpose.

The confusing new LA Clippers logo is what happens when logos try to do too much

Is it a ship? Is it a compass? In fact, it’s both.

How AI will influence creative tools: A conversation with Replit’s David Hoang

Replit Vice President of Marketing and Design David Hoang talks about how AI is reshaping the future of product design and development, and the role it’s playing in the company’s team and products.  

Making of true multi-brand design system

Building an advanced design system for true white-label products with full control over colours, typography and visual styles

Playground Color Swatches

We’ve curated a stunning collection of colors to create a user-friendly component-based system for theming and color inspiration, offering a kaleidoscope of creative possibilities…

New Version of Photoshop Lets Users Save Adjustment Layer Settings

Create and save your presets for future use or to share with other artists.

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