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Lineicons 4 – 8400+ handcrafted SVG icons for designers & developers

Lineicons is a comprehensive pack of 8,400+ diverse, handcrafted, and beautifully designed SVG icons, perfect for modern UI design and development projects. Comes in multiple variations, and is available in various formats such as – SVG, Icon Font, Figma, etc.

21 must‑have design freebies you can get on Dribbble

From Figma templates to Adobe resources, these free design assets cover icons, illustrations, templates, mockups, gradients, and so much more. Happy designing!

How we made Eurovision 2023’s visual identity

Design Bridge and Partners and Starlight Creative reveal how they captured the energy of the Eurovision Song Contest through a vibrant, fun identity.

Typography in Web Design — How to Choose a Font?

Typography significantly impacts a website’s user experience, readability, aesthetics, and accessibility. Well-crafted typography enhances the visual hierarchy, guiding users through a user interface while reinforcing the message and brand identity.

TikTok changed its font and users are not happy about it

A new update on TikTok introduced a new font used on the text in the short form app. Despite being such a small change, users are not happy about it. Here’s everything you need to know.

Kia’s strange rebrand is part of a long and varied logo history

Since its days as a bike manufacturer Kia has taken a curious approach to logos.

Design Patterns Are A Better Way To Collaborate On Your Design System

Building design patterns first is a better way to work. It unblocks people to work in parallel, keeps people synced up, and results in reusable modules that speed up your next project.

20 Best New Websites, May 2023

Every month we gather together a selection of the most exciting websites from the preceding four weeks.

So, we already have a colour of the year for 2025

It says that based on emerging trends in society, the colour of 2025 will be the aptly named ‘Future Dusk’, an alluring hue sitting between dark violet and midnight blue…

Creative is 10%. Structure and systems are the rest.

The discipline of design is the commitment to structuring and systematizing good ideas.

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