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The Paradox of Power in a Design Career

Designers are the 6th pillar of a business but still they get paid in peanuts and also don’t get much recognition in an industry. This article explains the power of a designer as an individual in any industry and how as a newbie entering into a design industry you can do the same.

Essential Visual Design Rules

You do not have to follow these rules every time. If you have a good reason to break any of them, do. But they are safe to follow every time.

Essential Design Trends to Watch in June 2024

Summer is off to a fun start with some highly dramatic website design trends showing up in projects. Let’s dive in!

Lightroom Enhances Editing with Adobe Firefly’s Generative Remove

Today we deliver ground-breaking generative AI technology to Lightroom with Generative Remove, powered by Adobe Firefly. Now any photographer can make distractions disappear in a single click and get high-quality results in seconds with our most powerful removal tool yet.

The World Games 2025 logo

The World Games is an international multi-sport event usually held every four years.

The Evolution of Modern Aesthetics

As a designer, it’s always been a pretty foundational premise that I’m here to make things more beautiful. But the truth is that in recent years I’ve begun to feel less sure. Dangerous thoughts no doubt for someone in my profession, but between you and me I’ve been thinking ugly thoughts for a while now.

The Role of Affordance in Crafting Design System Components

Let’s consider a table and a chair as examples. The primary affordance of a table is its ability to support items, facilitated by its flat, horizontal surface.

Fresh Motion Design Inspirations

Explore our latest motion design collection featuring the best shots from Dribbble to get your creativity flowing.

Find Amazing UX/UI Examples and Trends

Start diagramming with any of these free diagramming templates. Or, if you want to see how other teams jam with FigJam, head over to our Community.

Design Systems and Style Guides: Understanding the Differences

Design systems are a set of standards (like Google’s Material Design or IBM’s Carbon Design System) needed to manage design at scale. Style guides (like content or visual style guides) are just one piece in a design system.

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