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Design System Maturity Levels

This article is based on a talk I gave at the DesignOps 2022 Conference where I discussed 5 levels of design system maturity. I’m here to tell you that building a UI library is a lot like launching and scaling any other product—except this product is internal to your company.

Behold, the dreadful new Twitter Blue logo

The official Twitter Blue account (which features a yellow verification badge, lol) has updated its header photo to the new logo, which can only be described as 1980s meets Microsoft Word Art, plus bad kerning. Yep, like Twitter itself right now, it’s just a bit of a mess

The big box of magic

In 1989 the British rock band Queen released their thirteenth studio album. The REALLY interesting thing was that, at this point, Photoshop had not yet been invented. Richard Gray was lucky enough to be able to have a go on a new piece of technology, a system designed and built by Quantel, a British company, founded in 1973, that designed and manufactured digital production equipment for broadcast television, video pr

TikTok still can’t get over that terrible Hershey’s logo redesign

Yep, the eight year-old rebrand is still getting laughed at online, thanks to the logo’s unfortunate resemblance to a certain emoji. And seeing as the company has held its nerve and clung onto the design for nearly a decade, we’re not surprised. (Looking for design inspiration?

The new Swiss passport by RETINAA

RETINAA designed Switzerland’s next-generation passport introduced on 31.10.2022. Its design celebrates Swiss cartographic tradition and depicts an imaginary journey along watercourses, from the Alpine peaks down to the valleys, through the country’s 26 cantons, and to the world beyond.

Designing an Effective User Onboarding Experience

Best practices and tools for user onboarding to keep your users engaged

4AiPaw – AI Art Generator

4AiPaw by HitPaw is a powerful AI art generator app. Free. No artistic skills required. No ads. All you need to do is to enter prompts and pick an art style to turn your thoughts into reality and create stunning artworks in seconds.

The Future Of Design: Human-Powered Or AI-Driven?

In this article, Keima Kai provides a brief history of AI in web design, explores its current implications for creativity, and offers suggestions for how web designers can stay ahead of the curve.

Should design be a core school subject?

The most important skill for our young people in the future is to be able to solve problems creatively.

2023 visual design trends guide

The rise of motion design, parallax, immersion, contrasting UI styles, imitations and more

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