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One Year of Creative Cloud Plugin Showcases

Exactly one year ago in December 2021, Thomas Zagler’s Action Browser 2was our first Adobe Creative Cloud Plugin Showcase. Since then, we’ve come a long way: we have reached a milestone of 50 plugins showcased, live on our page! Plus, we published all of our three-minute demos on the official Adobe Creative Cloud Youtube channel with 1.2 million subscribers(!).

Redesigning a breaking Twitter

As Elon Musk burns down the Twitter we know, will a drastically different user experience emerge from the ashes?

Appshots – Brew up something new from an extensive library of app shots

Appshots is a curated collection of the best design patterns found across mobile apps. With thousands of screenshots (of iOS apps) categorized and organized by app, you can easily find the best pattern for your next project. Currently it’s limited to iOS apps. Android and web apps are on the way.

ArtStation artists stage mass protest against AI-generated artwork

On Tuesday, members of the online community ArtStation began widely protesting AI-generated artwork by placing “No AI Art” images in their portfolios. By Wednesday, the protest images dominated ArtStation’s trending page. The artists seek to criticize the presence of AI-generated work on ArtStation and to potentially disrupt future AI models trained using artwork found on the site.

Why KIA’s confusing logo is part of a growing design trend

Kia has a logo problem: namely, that people can’t quite read it. The recent revelation that the company’s new logo causes 30,000 people a month to Google “KN car” sent the design world into a minor tizzy, resulting in a number of proposals to “fix” the logo by restoring the missing crossbar to its “A.” This unimaginative, too-literal approach

How to make UI color palettes

Creating a UI color palette can sometimes feel a bit complicated and messy. But I’ve developed a systematic, efficient method for making a color system. In this video, I run through the 5 steps I use (plus a few extra tips for working with color)!

Avatar producers finally break silence over THAT logo

Avatar The Way of Water, the sequel to 2009’s Avatar is released today. It hasn’t exactly received rave reviews. But one thing it tried to put right was to update the franchise’s logo, which became one of the most mocked logos in film due to its use of the off-the-shelf typeface Papyrus.

Does Your Product Actually Need Dark Mode?

If you’ve been building apps and have been around for a few key moments – say circa 2018-2019 – you might recall the current thing of those times, the dark mode. That’s when both Apple and Google decided to introduce their versions of dark mode during their annual WDDCand I/O conferences. It didn’t stop (or start) there though. Most major players in tech sprinted to replace the traditional blinding white…

Design Systems 101: An Introductory Guide for UX/UI Designers

A design system is a collection of principles that govern the design of a brand’s digital experience. It provides a set of guidelines for how your brand should look and feel across all channels and devices. When done correctly, using a design system can have many benefits for your business or organization — from improved communication and efficiency to more consistent branding across all digital channels.

ExtendImage.AI – Extend your images with generative AI

ExtendImageAI is a website that allows you to extend the borders of your images with artificial intelligence. All you have to do is upload an image and the artificial intelligence does the rest!

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